Just in time

memorex 8x +r burned at 8x with plex 708 1 1/2 yrs ago
put it back into shrink, read fine in my slow LG 4163B,
reburning after reauthoring and setting default subtitle(Hildago)
with LG and MCC 004 @ 8x

You lucky! :bigsmile:

So 4163B is a gooooooood reader of damaged discs: good to know :iagree:

damaged by memorex(disk looked fine) :confused: :Z

Too bad memorex brand is too variable regarding media ID. And also verbatim is starting to become variable: pearl white media are not genuine MCC media, but some users bought them and are regretting of this :frowning:

my 4x -R prodisks are almost as bad, no more wasting time scanning them,
all memorex disks will get repaired except cull data!

my memorex discs are CMC (old 4x discs), and wasn’t so bad discs. If I have time I’ll scan one of them (1 year old): now I’m curious

The ritek R03/memorex are still scanning good after 2 years, a few cmc mags also,
GASP! What’s another kick ass reader like the LG 4136B for recovering data
from bad media? My NEC’s won’t on the worst disks.

Surely your LG is a very good drive.

My brand new liteon 16P9 isn’t able to read some brand new pressed DVD just put off the box after purchase :frowning:

I’ve been hearing good things about the Asus DVD-ROM drives as of late, you might want to give one of them a shot.

Thanks for suggestion.

Right now I can’t because today I bought a plextor premium CD burner (I found a rebate from 99 euro to 39 euro :bigsmile: ) and for now my budget don’t allow me other drives.

But next month… :stuck_out_tongue: