Just in case you wonder if Sony is being boycotted due to DRM

This story from BusinessWeek is music to our ears! Sony has set back DRM to the stone age with the unholy trinity of First4Internet, Sony and MediaMax. May they rest in peace. It is time we are no longer destined to be treated as criminals and also time that the hard working musicians and end users are no longer plagued with these draconian measures! Join the DRM boycott now and put a wooden stake through the heart of DRM everywhere. Make sure to click on the Amazon link and read the disclaimer they have attached to the title of Get Right With the Man that has the rootkit DRM and then go to the bottom of the page to sense the outrage from the consumer. Sony has shot both feet off with First4 and MediaMax. :bigsmile:

Damn right crabby - let’s get a move on ppl - and drive that stake home :tehwin:

The thing is it is real easy to resist purchasing music as it is expensive for me and not that good. At least I can’t find a decent CD that has a lot of tracks I like to listen to. I prefer the radio or what i bought a long time ago that is not DRm’ed. What is funny is that because the DRM scares and the things they try to mess my box up with, I am thinking of returning to peer to peer for my music or the newsgroups for my creative rhomba, as this is the safe place to go now, because there is no DRM on the tracks or even rootkits. If I don’t share a lot of tracks they may not notice me. :slight_smile:

They have succeeded in making p2p networks, with their inherent fear of getting caught, safer than buying original cds.
Feel the delicious irony.