Just how noisy are the Lite-on LH-20A1 series



And are they noisy all the time or do they slow down and get quieter when full speed isn’t needed, like watching a DVD or listening to a CD?


My 20A1P and 20A1S isn’t very noisy at all even when burning at full speed I’d
have to say they aren’t any noiser than my 160P6S or the old 1633S that I used
to have. :wink:


You’ll have to use Nero driveSpeed or CDBremse if you want pleasant CD or DVD movie playback with this drive.

In my setup, together with drives from BenQ, LG and NEC, LH-18A@20A is a vibrating tornado. The latest firmware KL0A has eased the mad spin-ups and spin-downs a little, but still it is the noisiest drive I ever had. :a
Don’t even think about putting this drive in a HTPC.


I dont get it.
Why the hell must these drives vibrate this much ?
Is the QC sleeping or are the parts for this units just this cheap ?
My 18a1p and 20a1p were the worst buy i ever did in terms of noise.
Maybe someone should mod this drive and then, if it works more “quite” present it to liteon.


God knows we have tried, but to no avail. :stuck_out_tongue:
One or two senior members claim they have had success with there mods, but when recapitulating them I couldn’t notice any approvement.


I think the problem is with the spindle’s head. sometimes if it sets correctly it doesn’t make any noise. otherwise it screams like a twinturbo corvette


My 18A1P made a lot of noise but my 20A1P with KL0A f/w is very quiet.


Maybe Liteon corrected a problem there? Really, it should be possible to do 16x completely inaudibly. That’s what the 1655 I got from geeks.com does.


Even with KL05 it was ok and never really was noisy. Most all of my 18X/20X drives might be a little more noisy than my 16X drives.

How you like your 1655? I haven’t used mine much since KL0A came out for 20A1P :o


You burned at 16x? It’s really weird, if I do things at 12x CAV everything is nice and quiet, but if I use 16X CAV or any speed with P-CAV using C0deking’s fastburn firmware, it suddenly becomes very noisy. It may have something to do with the frequency, once it reaches 16x RPM the frequency will turn the damping mechanism into a vibration acceleration mechanism; that’s sort of like when you’re on a swing, if you time your push well you’ll swing higher and higher, any faster or slower will cause you to stop.

So it could be that Liteon fixed a design defect with 20X, or that the problem only happens at 16x, at 20x it’s not a concern

As for the 1655 it actually surpassed my expectations. My old 1655 makes some noise at 16x, but the new one doesn’t make any sounds at all even during a full 16x transfer rate test. I don’t know if it’s got anything to do with aging though, but at least I know it won’t turn into another Liteon :iagree:


I did burn today, at 12X, with my Lite-On 20x, and it does a lot of noise, and especialy, lot of vibrations :sad: :sad:

However, the scan did give me 99 of score with MCC004… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh hell… :cool:


allot more noisy then my benq or pioneer


Hmmmmm… this is strange it seems that some of the 18x-20x drives are really noisy
while at the same time some others like my two drives the 20A1P and the 20A1S are both
very quiet while burning and reading. :confused: I just wonder if it was like when the 18x drives first
come out they were known to be very loud but Liteon seemed to get the problem fixed with
them recently. I just wonder if it has something to do with quality control or when the drives
are produced say like some are built on a Monday morning when everyone is still hungover from
the weekend and they just throw them together or the ones built on a Friday afternoon when
they are trying to get them all done before the weekend starts and they just throw them together.

It must be that the quiet ones are produced on Tuesday through Thursday maybe. :wink: :slight_smile: :iagree:


I tried to dampen my 18x and 20x drives with some dampeners between the case and the drive but the outcome was the exact opposite the tower resonated to the drives vibrations (tried to copy a DVD) and in the end the whole case was vibrating.
I think i give up on that and just use my headphones and Music to overcome the faster burn sessions ^^;;


P.S. My unit is from December…



Maybe the vibration is due to the pc case.
My case sucks a lot, but burning @ high speed the drive doesn’t vibrate much.
(sometimes i have to squease the case, for lowering the noise… hopping for better days to upgrade the case)


My 20A1S is very quiet up to 12X burns. If you use the c0deking patcher that speeds up 12X, it starts to get loud (only in the first half of the burn, as the last half is unchanged in speed). And burning at 16X or 18X (I don’t have any media it wants to burn at 20X) it is quite loud.

I’m very happy with the quietness. I do not feel a 16X burn should be able to be perfectly quiet, especially in my case, which like others rattles sympathetically at these high speeds.


would this drive be suitable for use in a HTPC?

or should i venture towards the samsung 183 SATA version?

Newegg has the retail 20A1S for the same price as the sammy, so im not so sure which way i should go in terms of quietness.


I dunno about you guys… but I kinda like the loundess to my LH-20A1H. :smiley:

It’s not “too” loud of course… but when I burn discs @ 16-18X I am presented with a nice, solid spin. Makes me feel like they built my drive to be very robust and capable of handling the high RPMs. There really is no out-of-control vibrations either, just a quiet, soothing, hummmmmmmmmmmmmm… :stuck_out_tongue:

Then again, I have an Antec heavy-duty solid steel tower/case, with EIGHT screws attaching each ODD. :rolleyes: :bigsmile: