Just got the SOHW-812S, what should I know?


I just bought the Liteon SOHW-812S DVD writer. Since I dont really know about the history of this drive, can someone please update me on any firmware, patches that I should be using with it. I see something called the omnipatcher here, should I be using that before I start using the drive? Would really appreciate some suggestions here as it would take me a long time to dig thru the threads and find out the info.

bye, thanks

Welcome to the SOHW-**2 club. :slight_smile:

In my opinion you should start with buying some good DVD+R/+RW media like Verbatim, Maxell, Taiyo Yuden, Memorex aso.
Use the bitsetting utility for better standalone compatibility.

@ moderators; I hope you don´t mind…
trivisingh, before even thinking of any “tweaks” or “modding” you have to backup your eeprom. This TOOL can be usefull. Guide here.
Remember, your warranty will be void as soon you begin with any modifications, he heh. :cool:

Learn to know your drive; read this forum.
Hope you will have happy burning. :smiley: