Just got the liteon 1693s

hi there. i just got the liteon 1693s retail new. so far excellent. tdk 8x dvd-r, maxell 40x cd-r, memorex 2.4x dvd+r dual layer.

used to have a pioneer dvr-107d.

Welcome to the forum. You should be very pleased with that drive, especially with MCC and TY media. Make sure you get the latest KS0B firmware as the first one had a problem with C2 errors on CD burns.


yep. i think i’ll be happy with the drive. it came with ksoa firmware and the latest one you mentioned i just flashed to. it was time to retire the dvr-107d that i had and get one with better features. the store i bought from always has in stock lite on dvd burners since early models to current. they rarely have failure rates on the retail lite on dvd burners they sell. they can order pioneer, lg electronics, plextor, etc…

i hope lite on continues to produce good drives like the 1693s in the future. i hope they always continue to improve them. i don’t have to have maximum speeds on any kind of burn i do, i’ll knock the speed down to get a quality burn on dvd or cdr.

i only buy name brand blank media in dvd and cd formats from office supply stores or best buy, compusa. never had any problems with name brand media.

i did go to nec’s website to look and see how their firmware updates under windows. they require that intel accelerator and intel ide drivers i believe be removed while updating the firmware. a user shouldnt have to touch things like these and mess with that when updating firmware.

i also, have the lite on 167t dvd-rom drive. had it for 1.5 years no problems.

thanks for the welcoming to the forum. :slight_smile: