Just got swap magic 3.6

i got this so i can play some usa games on my uk ps2, i havent installed it yet (magic keys)

it says i can play dvdr’s on it and i have a few questions about this.

if i have some files on my computer .avi .mpeg and other movie formats can i just burn them to a dvd+r and my playstation will play them?? if not how do i convert them so they will be readable on dvd+r to play in my console

please help this is really bugging me.

you would have to convert them back to vob format to play them on a backup disc with the playstation and in order to do this you would need a program such as convertxtodvd or any other numerous ones on the market plus there are some free ones too. :smiley:

Swap Magic is only capable of playing Playstation2 Game backups on DVD-R or DVD+R. Swap Magic will not allow you to play DivX .avi movies, .mpg files or VCDs.

If you want to play a movie in the DivX .avi format or in the .mpg format or VCD format, then you will have to convert the movie first to DVD compliant files and burn these files to a DVD-R or DVD+R.

Every Playstation2 console can play DVD Video backup discs on DVD-R or DVD+R - it will play them back as regular Region 2 DVDs. Just as long as the files are DVD compliant then it shouldn’t have a problem in playing them.