Just got Sony DRX820U and am clueless

This is my first post and a Hello to all.

I just purchased the sony external DRX820U dvd burner. I am trying to burn a simple dvd that is copyright protected. I have no clue how to go about burning this disc or even know if it is right that I ask. I am using nero 6 to go about doing all this. Somebody please help this dumb bastard.

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In fact the rules are clear that members can ask how to make backup copies of discs they own, and you can give advice on that.

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Hey chafuro786 :slight_smile:

Download the free trial of AnyDVD:


If you wish to buy it afterwards, that would be a good decision.

Insert the DVD and launch AnyDVD, the protection will be broken and you will be free to copy it with your Nero.

You can copy your DVD (using Nero) like so;

From the Start Menu, go to All Programs > Burn a DVD or Data DVD > Nero Programs > Nero Express.

ChooseCopy Entire Disk from What Would You Like to Burn.

In the Select Source and Destination window, choose Maximum from the the writing speed pull down menu.

Press Copy to start. The system will scan the disk and start copying to the hard drive.

A dialog box will pop up; when complete it will ask for an empty disk to write to. Insert a blank writable or rewritable DVD in the recordable/rewritable DVD drive.

The box will close automatically, and the files from the original DVD will be copied on the blank DVD.

When the burning process is complete, a pop up window opens with the message: Burn process completed successfully. Click OK.

Click Next to choose more options or to exit.