Just got some Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs; still some skipping in PlayStation 1 (old SCPH-7501)

I recently bought 30 TY 80-min CD-Rs that were FujiFilm brand Made in Japan (mostly blue, with some green, on the bottom) and backed up some titles with my Plextor Premium at 8x using Alchohol 120%. The games skip far less than CMC Magnetics and Moaer Bauser India (sp?), but still skip a bit, and ythe still boot up about 1.7 times slowler than an original of the same title.

My question is this: Is my problem the discs (Mitsubishi any better with their Verbatim DataLifePlus dark blue discs?), the drive speed (8x) or the PlayStation 1’s (old model, SCPH-7502, September 1998, big grey style) laser (I heard that PS1’s lasers were junk)?

If anyone can let me know what I need to do to make a backup that performs identically to the original, let me know.

What speed did you burn them at? For CD-Rs on the PS1 and PS2 I recommend the slowest possible speed. For the most part I don’t buy into the slower burning but the PS1 and PS2 sure seem to perform better when you burn the discs at the slowest possible speed versus higher speeds. EDIT just saw your post. Try burning them at 4x.

if slower burning doesnt help, you could take it someone who repairs them and get them to adjust the lazer. i had the same problem on both of my ps1s.

BTW, how good are PS1 emulators? Are they nearly as perfect as ZSNES is with SFC/SNES games, given that you have a fast system with a good graphic card? I will be travelling next year and may do better at that point just using emulators.

I will try burning at 4x.

BTW, I noticed that keeping my PS1 vertically on its side (CD door facing right) seems to stop mostly all of the skipping, even though my PS1 was never known to be those really bad models (1000-series) that overheated and skipped a lot even on originals.

Thanks for all help. :slight_smile:

Update: I just burnt another PS1 title at 4x in my Plextor Premium using TY (Fujifilm, Made in Japan) 80-min CD-Rs and it skips even more than at 8x unless the PS1 is flipped on it’s side and only it’s side (not upside-down either).

The skipping also seems to go away on the crap CMC Magnetics & Moser Bauer (sp?) India CD-Rs too using this method on my PS1 (SCPH-7501, 1998 Sep, NTSC: US/CA). I recently noticed that 3 pieces of my spindle are off and don’t know where they are. THe CD still snaps on like the pieces are there, but I’m thinking that the problem is more in the laser now than the spindle or discs/burning speed.

You think it’s possible for me to do this modification myself? Does it take any soldering or just turning the (CORRECT) potentiometer (sp?) a small amount?

lol mine prefered the door facing left.

you could try adjusting the lazer your self, but you would need to know what your doing. for the time it takes an engineer to adjust it (just a few mins). i would risk it. and they only charge a few £`s.

and as for emulating a ps1 on your pc :disagree: , iam pretty sure you cant do this.

The older platstations lasers were junk my bro has one and it has got so bad that it cant even read normal cds that well unless you have it upside down, supposidly the rail that the laser is on wears down because of the cheap plastic they use meaning the laser drops down, so putting it upside down fixes this. Also do a media scan with Nero CD-DVD speed to see what the C1 and hopefully no C2 errors look like.

There are emulators for the playstation out there on the PC but most of them are pretty buggy. One of the best PS1 emulators that I have seen is the most up to date one for the XBOX (modified). That console is one hell of an emulation machine once it is modded and IMHO is worth buying just for them. We will put aside all of the other advantages for the moment. You can usually find a used but not abused one for $125 or less ATM.

The PS1 lasers are ok when they are new but wear fairly quickly (especially when chipped for copied disks for some reason).
I used to replace loads of these, usually over 3 years old and it always cured the problem (skipping), although there isn’t much call for it any more.
Don’t bother getting the laser adjusted just replace it, they are available for under £20 and easy to fit yourself.

Um you’re joking right? If anything the ps1 emulators for the pc are more complete and much less buggy then on the xbox. EPSXE will run pretty much any game ever made for the ps1 either perfectly or near perfect at full fps on any decent pc. Likewise N64 emulation has also reached the same level of support with emulators such as pj64 running most games at full fps with little graphical glitches. Personally I’d rather run games emulated with a high rez and aa then on an actual console.

I’ve used PSXEMU with pretty good results on a 1.4ghz Athlon with a mediocre 25USD video card and 256mb of ram. One thing that boosts performance heavily, dump the ISO to harddrive and point the config file to the file on disk.

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This is what I figured. I used to have Virtual Game Station back when I used Windows Millennium Edition on a 800 MHz Celeron PC and it ran FF7 like a dream! All loading & even memory card screens played as if it was a cartridge! Given that this was back in late 2001, things had to progress by NOW. :slight_smile:

I’ll give ePSXe a go on my current PC when I get a decent graphic card. I, too, would rathe rjust keep all my games on several CD-Rs, DVD-Rs, BDs, and HDDs RARed as images and hopefully have to chance to play them directly on my PC whenever I wanted. Alcohol 120% + mount MDS+MDF image + emulator -> run CD-ROM -> point to virtual drive = !!! :bigsmile: