Just got Pioneer 110d

Picked upa pioneer 110d for 62 canadian here In Southern ontario drives nice as far as price goes :wink: trying to burn some discs first one seems to not read on anything… except a burner as if it was not closed trying a second one using yuden t0002 media Noticed its Limited to 12x for this media atm… 4 6 8 12 will post some scans if i get any ;)\

These a fujifilm disks yuden t02 from futureshop burn like champs on my 1620 but i cannot get the discs to recognize when i burn at 12x using the 110d… i am somewhat perturbed as its brand new :wink: and this is good media!

After some testing It seems this Issue Only Happens with My Yuden t02 media tried a dvd+rw ricoh jpn w11 disk at 4x and it burned it fine and it recognizes properly Media Incompatibility issue of some kind is my only guess but its On the qualfied media list for the drive any ideaS?

Also The Ricoh Jpn 02 Media is Only coming up at the 4x Burn speed drive Needs Some firmware In My expert opinon :slight_smile: but as yet i do not see any out :wink:

Checked out my Tdk Prinatbles i got at costco They burn at 4 6 8 and 12 But Only have strategies for 4 - 8x media Code cmc mag E01 just for anyones info :wink:

ive been burning with ritek verbatim 16X at 16X. Greeat quality, reads in ps2 and pioneer dvd player.

My Issue after thourgh testing turned out to be software related Alcohol 19.5.53105 Is Not COmpatibile with the 110d it fails to properly close the discs :wink: nero 6.0.16 works wonderfull :wink:

heres Some Scans with the new drive hard at work :wink: burned with pioneer 110d and Scanned with my 1620