Just got new burner with Nero essent 7. ..now nothing will play right


recently bought a new burner b/c I was having problems with the burner in my laptop… So tonight I thought would be a great time to set everything up and burn some picture CDs/DVDs and back up some files.

I downloaded Nero (which came with the burner) and then tested the burner/DVD player by watching a movie…so far so good. :smiley:

but when I tried to play music that I had bought and downloaded to the hard drive (which had played fine yesterday) I got a little message stating that the file/format was wrong and it wouldn’t play. :frowning:

I put in a CD (store bought CD) into the new external burner/player and was told that the computer did not recognize the file type. I put the CD into the drive in the laptop and it still wouldn’t play. :a

Not sure if I need to do something else or try to uninstall nero … (but if it came with the burner don’t I need it to use the burner???) :doh:

I don’t need the options that came with it…

THANKS!!! for reading my long/rambly question. all help greatly appreciated!:bow:



If you want to get rid of Nero entirely, uninstall the program and then run the Nero Clean tool to get rid of any Nero entries in your system. Here is the link for it: http://www.nero.com/enu/tools-utilities.html#tab4

Try playing your cds and dvds in VLC media player. It is free to download and use, and doesn’t rely on outside codecs. www.videolan.org

There are other pure burning programs to try. I like one called ImgBurn. It is free to download and use. www.imgburn.com

There are other solutions available for you, and I’m sure our members here will suggest some.