Just got nec 3500A, as for Taiyo Yuden +R or -R?

I was thinking of getting Taiyo Yuden eventually because of their great brand name. I can’t find any good Mitsui execpt for one place with his is it for like .91 which is way overpriced.

Currently I have some Ritek Ridata G04’s and they’ve been good to me, but I like the 8x of the Yuden’s. As for DVD+R or DVD-R which would you guys prefer?

DVD+r for me - no doubt about it. For most, there is not much difference and most players like either.

TY’s +R (YUDEN000T02) 8x can be burnt at 16x… -R (TYG02) can be burnt at max 12x right now… In general, NEC3500A seems to prefer -R a bit more… Take your pick…

Mine much prefers +…

I have just ordered +R and -R of 8x TY to see which is better for my 3500A.


I have two 3500’s and burn both - and + 8x Taiyo Yudens - there does not seem to be any burning issues with either so I will be using the +'s in my future buys-

Great prices for “A” grade Taiyo Yuden media at www.rima.com


Where can I order that media? Whats the BEST media I can buy for a mix between price/speed/quality? I’d like to burn at 12x+ but I’m not sure if its the best answer. BTW I have the 3500A. Thanks!

Also, what firmware should I be using? I just downloaded liggy’s beta 8, but it only shows up at 12x max. Please help a newbie!

If you are in the US take a look at 8x TY @ Rima.com

$0.60 per disc ($30.00 for 50 discs), is an excellent value for quality media. As for firmware, Liggy’s Beta versions are mainly for burning a larger variety of media at higher than official speeds. Read HERE.

You should read through some of the threads, and DO NOT RUSH! Take time to absorb the info, and yes there is quite a bit! DO NOT expect to understand everything over night! If you do, you will be VERY dissapointed. I know because my head is still spinning! :o

A safe bet would be Herrie’s 2.17 HERE.

Good Luck!

Edit: with liggy’s Beta 8
TY 8x -R media (MID TYG02) will only overspeed to 12x.
TY 8x +R media (T02) can be burned at 16x.
IMO, 16x isn’t worth the risk (of a poor burn), unless you do alot of testing with consistant results.