Just got myself a Plextor CD burner, have a problem

Hi there.

I own a Liteon CD burner and just got myself a Plextor burner too.

The usual: Win XP still detects my Maxtor HDD as Ultra DMA mode 5 and my Liteon as Ultra DMA 2.

My problem: Win XP detects my newly bought Plextor as Multi-Word DMA 2.

I have tried deleting the IDE controller and reboot. It doesn’t work. I have also tried the .reg file after I did a search in cdrfreaks archive. It doesn’t work either.

I believe some members say Multi-Word DMA is good enough for a cd burner but I have been getting corrupted burnings with Multi-Word DMA! Sometimes, the burning will stop half way and ends it. This never happen when I was using Liteon (Ultra DMA mode 5)

Need help. :bow: :bow:

In some Plextor models there is a jumper to enable DMA33. Check that out.