Just got myself a 1650

Alright, i just got myself the 1650 which i decided upon after reading all the +ive comments about it here. Along with it i bought a spindle of FujiFilm 8x DVD+R. I burnt one dvd and did a scan as shown below. But i have no idea of what it means; should i keep using this media or is there any setting for the writer itself i need to alter?


Well that’s not what I would have expected from a 1650 & the TY T02 media. The T02s are some of the very best around , providing they are genuine. Genuine TYs have a batch number around the inner ring which will be something like TG001133.

What speed did you burn at? Best sticking to 8x although these do burn very well at higher speeds.

Have you got QSuite or can you download it from Benq. This can set the parameters for SolidBurn.
From what I’ve seen here you probably need to activate SolidBurn for both supported & unsupported disks.
Also for better compatabiity with DVD players under BookType set DVD-ROM for DVD+R media.

Well i burnt a second one and the result is a bit better so i think its still breaking in. Going for a third one now …

This one’s stilll rather high PIE.

Are you absoutely sure you’re burning this at 8x, and not 12x?

Agrrh the third one came out pretty crap as well. And yes, im sure its at 8x.

I think i’ll try a different firmware…

Did you check the batch number? And what are your SoildBurn settings.

I didn’t ask these questions just for the sake of it you know.

Stick with BCFC for the moment as this burns very well for me & some users have issues with BCHC.

Whoops i forgot to add those to my last post.

Batch Number is indeed TG001133 and i switched on SolidBurn for the 2nd and 3rd burns.

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Those scans are fine. SB enabled will bring PIE figures down gradually.(High PIE seems a character of both the 1650/1655 at present). I don’t have any TY T02, bit here’s a few scans @ 8x 12x & 16x with TG02. SB/OS/WOPC all enabled for all media. Note using latest f/w, but as TimC points out mixed results abound with this f/w. So no guarantee that upgrading will give you similar results. Remember if you do try it & it fails to deliver you can always go back.

Verbatim TY T02 at 8x. SB/OS/WPOC all enabled. This the first T02 I’ve burned with this 1650.
Whilst the PIEs are higher than I’d like the burn is far better than yours.

Note the constant jitter line. It’s probably the jitter causing the high PIEs on yours.

What is jitter caused by anyway?

Perhaps it’s because my benq is not screwed in right - i’ll check to see if its placed horizontally enough.

Your scans show rising Jitter on all burns which is slightly worrying. There have been reports of sub-optimal FujiFilm-branded TY media, maybe you have been unlucky enough to have some of these discs. Even the disappointing T03 discs I have (TH001330) don’t suffer from that kind of rising Jitter problem.

Too high Jitter leads to higher PIE, especially on less Jitter tolerant scanning drives like BenQ. I’m sure if you tried scanning such discs on a Lite-ON, the PIE mountain would [I]magically[/I] disappear :wink:

Some people consider Jitter when it comes to grading wether a disc is good enough for their purposes, while others generally ignore it. I’m sure the discs you have burned will be fine for normal usage on Jitter tolerant devices as the PIF levels are perfectly acceptable.

A 16x Transfer Rate Test should confirm wether the discs are ok or not.

Trying some other types of disc on your burner would help diagnose if the problem only affects those FujiFilm discs.

Jitter has nothing to do with your drive physically
jumping around. Rather it is a measurement of
how well the drive’s laser followed the track in the disc
(It’s more complicated than that, but you get the idea).

if a drive is vibarting in its mounting due to a nearby fan or a combination of the spinning of the disc and not being properly secured (ie loose) then this jarring can cause the laser to bounce off track thus leading to a skewed jitter rating.

You kinda misunderstood what i meant; will jitter be affected by the fact that the drive is a bit tilted to one side?

I would say yes as the ballance is thrown out. Opticals should either be in one of two positions, horizontal or vertical, never a little bit tilted to one side.

Members please don’t exaggerate affect of a “slight tilt”.

If you know how the internals of drive are built up and how PUH moves along disc, you’ll understand that a slighly misaligned (tilted) drive housing or a “nearby” unbalanced fan can’t effect that high/skewed jitter levels experienced by TP.

Badly manufactured (ie. bad material quality) or uneven discs can cause much more problems than any of the suggestion posted sofar.

It does depend on what is meant by a slight tilt I suppose.

Oh man…

I did on one with bchc which came our horrible so i flashed it back to bcfc and did 2 last night and 1 now. Here are the results:

KungFusion, at what speed did you burn those discs and with what program. Was SolidBurn, OverSpeed and WOPC enabled.
Just posting scans like that doesn’t give us enough information to troubleshoot.

Also, try other quality media like Verbatim or Maxell to see if things improve.

Time to try your drive on other spindles or brands of media… It’s clear continuing to burn from this one spindle will give no conclusion.