Just got my Pioneer 112D, which firmware to use?



I just received my Pioneer 112 firmware version 1.09. I need it to be able to bitset DVD+R to DVD-ROM. Which firmware am I supposed to use? I’m new to firmware, but I looked around and I found this:

Currently RPC1 firmware based on 8.06 INT (Buffalo-Internal).

Am I supposed to get the 8.06 INT one? And what’s the difference between Buffalo firmware and RPC1/TDB firmware?

Thanks for the help.

edit: Ok, after some more reading, it sounds like I need to flash to 112L and then Buffalo firmware?? This is very confusing, could somebody provide me with some direct links to the files I need?


Use the link you put in that post to flash to the 8.06 INT firmware under Pioneer DVR-112D. Then, when you’re done running that, flash to the 8.06 INT firmware under Pioneer DVR-112L. After that, the burner will bitset DVD+R discs to DVD-ROM with no further action on your part.


Thanks for the reply, I also have a few questions:

  1. Why can’t the drive be directly flashed to 112L?

  2. Am I correct that 112D from TDB only adds Region unlock, and 112L adds the bitsetting?


You probably can. I’m just used to doing incremental firmware changes because the 111D drive that I flashed to 111L in the past would not give both labelflash and DVD-RAM capabilities if you skipped a step. Si I suppose it’s a habit I have that’s just leftover.

Not sure about the region unlock, but it is the 112L that gives you the bitsetting, labelflash, and DVD-RAM burning capabilities.


I just tried the 112D firmware exe and it says “Available target is not found” Any ideas?


Your thread title says you just got a Pioneer 112D, but the first line in your first post says you got a 112. Which is it? They’re actually 2 separate drives.


Sorry, I have the 112D, I forgot to put that in the post.


First, flash to TDB 112L firmware based on Buffalo’s.


And then, if you would like to update to Buffalo 112L 8.09 firmware, you have to use Koba’s patched firmware. Here is the link which explains how to do it.



What is the difference between TDB 112L firmware and Buffalo 112L firmware?


Remember when you crossflash the FW you will be doing this at your own risk as it will void the warranty


Good point Jimbo!

Also, make sure your drive works fine before flashing with the modified firmware.


Thanks I forgot to add that in :bow: :bigsmile:


Thanks for the help everyone, I think it’s working. I’m currently using the Buffalo 8.09 firmware. Is there a 8.15 version yet? What’s the difference between the BUffalo and TDB firmware?

  1. no.
  2. already explained


Thanks, 0301prih. I’m glad one of us got it to work. :doh:


I need firmware 8.09 Buffalo, for an DVR-112D.
Please send me an mesage with this firmware.