Just got my new comp. now I need a faster drive



As you can see I am new here. I would like to say hello to everyone and thank you for any help that you are willing to give. I have been viewing this site for two weeks now to try to come to my own conclusions on what drive I want but to be frank, I am tired of it.

I have dedacated a large amount of time to reasearching every other componet in my system ex: HDs, psu, cpu, cpu heatsink, mobo, case, gpu, blah, blah,… For once I just want to be the guy that says “what do you recomend and why” and go with it (I know there are alot of people like me and I am sorry).

I have a NEC DVD +RW (ND-1100a) out of a friends Dell and I would pefer something faster. Now when I say faster I am mainly concerned with read/write speed. I have what I concider a fast computer now with a older drive in it (no good).

Would a reader and a reader/writer be the best setup or just reader/writer? I ask because for some reason I have a feeling that readers are better at reading. I am willing to pay for both if there is a diference between the two.

As for the reader I was looking at the: SOHD-16P9S http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16827131407

cuz I read:

then I read:

It seems as though read/write combo is the way to go but when they are talking about scanning do they mean copying a dvd to their HD or what?
Would a reader have better performance in loading a game?

Now if it is better two have a two drive set up then I will go with the SOHD-16P9S unless there is another that someone recomends if they have good reason.

As for the reader/writer I would like to stay under the $85 mark (for two drives). I would like a strong 2 sheep drive that can do top quality burns on varous types of media. If the one drive setup is in my best intrest then I would like a very fast drive when it comes to read speeds but it does not have to be a super fast writer.

If there is any other info need from me feel free to ask.

Thank you very much for your responses.



Nice, thanks for the the help guys.


Well people are just plain tired of threads where people ask what drive to buy, for questions like that we have THIS


If you are in the states go to newegg.com and get what is cheap and good with free shipping.

current LG model
other brands work fine but may be a tad slower

Be advised that all the quality of all drives is less than last year. At $40 it is hard to make a quality drive 100% of the time. You may get a DOA, but the odds are you will not! So jump in the water is fine. :iagree:


I would start out with the Liteon 1693 and hold off on the second drive for a while. You won’t need an additional drive for ripping and the Liteon does everything that you may come to need (bitsetting, scanning, ripping). It has a good reputation for reliability and does a very good job with quality media.

After you have some time to see if you need more you will be able to spend your money on a drive that would add something. If you want a ripper as well, the Liteon 16P9S is the only real choice. Make sure you visit here:


for firmware.

Welcome to the forum, sorry I missed your post earlier.