Just got my new 1620!

It is already reading all kinds of DVDs that my LDW401@411@811 would refuse to read, and doing a great job with TY02 (for some reason my Litey had crap burns on TY02, but good burns on everything else).

Can I use MediaCodeSpeedEdit on the RPC-1 firmware found here:


I assume that I can, but I have never read anything that explicitly said that I could. My OEM 1620 came with B7S9 and I plan on going to B7T9 RPC1 and I hope to remove the riplock.

Yes, you can use B7T9 RPC1 in MCSE to remove the rip lock. Happy burning with your new drive and welcome to the BenQ Forum. :slight_smile:

Very good. :cool: :cool: :smiley:


Enjoy your 1620. :bigsmile: I love mine. No problems whatsoever cept for the fact that if I don’t get a “99” I wonder what went wrong :frowning:

Nothing wrong, you’re just not lucky yet. :slight_smile:

I would like to profit from this thread to say I am also one of yours, this drive is on it’s way and should be here max tomorrow. I do not have a clue about this BenQ, in fact I never burned a single DVD+R in my life, I supposed it was the best way to start. At first I wanted a Lite-On but I will wait for the upcoming 1693S. I do not think it will ever replace my Pioneers tough but I want to give it a hard time for sure. :wink:

It could also be that fsh42na’s 1620 is too stringent or sensitive in terms of PIF scanning…

Perhaps if scan his 98 or 97 quality score disc with another 1620, will get 99 or 100 score? :D:D

I think you guys/gals misunderstood. I have been getting 99’s with my TY GO2 media. Often enough that I think I’m getting spoiled. So when I get “bad” score (read anything less than 97), I get pouty. :wink:
My experience with this so far has been blissful. In fact, if my wife would let me, I’d take it to sleep at night :wink:

The only thing that I’m worried about are the reports of delayed drive failure. I’ve had my drive in use for approximately 2 months without any problems, but I do wonder if there are problems in my future.

I wouldn’t worry. A few people have problems after a few months (most likely a system issue or software related) and suddenly a myth is born about drives failing. Perhaps if all those like myself who have had drives for 6 months or more wrote in it would become apparant that no real problem exists.

Can someone tell me the difference between flashing B7T9 and B7T9rpc1 ??

rpc1 means you can use any DVD with any Region Code.
Correct me if im wrong.

yup…clany you are right…