Just got my Lite-on

Im mad though , I ordered the Lite-on 48125w.
What do I get in the mail is a lite-on 48246S with Nero. This one was made in Oct02
Shit , but I think its working under my windows 98. I copied Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 ( I think ) I have to check one more time now under Windows XP.

I used Alcohol software , but I get the Disc read error why ?
while reading image

Well anyone Have idea’s about the New Lite-on 48246S models ?


Isnt the 48246s the better of the 2 seeing as it supports 24x rw

the 6S drive is in many respects superior to the 5w/s drive. It certainly is no worse. Media compatibility is improved, copy protections improved, speed, upgradable, etc, etc.

well , It works great .
I did copy NFSHP2.

The only thing Im concerned about is when reading image to HD there’s a read disc error. SO I let it copy and It still works WOW.
I like Alcohol , does Nero copy protection yet like Alcohol ?