Just got my first DVD Burner! (NEC ND-3520A)



So i just got my first dvd burner a NEC 3520A and i took out my CD burner and put that in. Went easy as can be and was happy since i have like no experience with that kind of stuff.
I ordered it from newegg and there it says it is OEM which someone explained to me means that it came with no cables or what not. So not really knowing what i am doing i browse around and start reading here and there and notice the term firmware popping up alot so i went and got the official firmware but when i opened the readme it told me that it was not for OEM.
Is this true? If so should i bother with firmware? The real reason i am wondering is because i use Nero Burning ROM v6.6.0.13 and i successfully burned a .iso onto a DVD at 8X speed which is the speed of the Legacy DVD-R’s i purchased but reading the comments on the DVD-R’s i noticed people mentioned that they were capable of burning 12X speed with modded firmware on a NEC burner (this very well could be a different burner then i have, i’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to this stuff).

But basically should i be worried about firmware at the moment? And do you think it is possible i could get 12X from these DVD’s instead of 8X? I can’t help it i’m greedy lol but if i can get 12X over 8X then chances are i’d like to do it.



You could very likely get 12X from them. Stick one in, then run Nero CD-DVD Speed. Hit the little Disc Info button at the top, and it will give you a manufacturer and media ID code. You can compare this code with the list in the 3520 hacked firmware thread to see if they can be sped up. You may need the hacked firmware to speed up the discs, though.


NEC’s warning pertains to OEM from manufacturers like Dell who use their own firmware. When you get OEM from a reseller you can use anything here:


You will shorten the burn time by very little as the 12X speed does not kick in until the last part of the burn. The gain of a 1-2 minutes will be more than offset by the drop in burn quality. If you really want to overspeed get TY media or Verbatim.


Dang you guys are fast! Thank you very much for the info especially about the OEM and if i’ll lose burn quality then it may not be worth it i suppose.
Anyhow thank you very much again.


Hopefully i wont be frowned on for double-posting but i think this will be less clutter then if i opened a new topic.

So far i haven’t ripped a DVD yet but i was reading that some drives are locked at ripping speeds of like 2X and take hours on end to rip. So keeping on the topic of modded firmware. Does firmware have the ability to unlock ripping speed if it is locked?

It was already concluded i can probably get 12X with modded firmware but at the compensation of lesser quality. I was wondering if this would be the case for ripping also.



I notice that burning at 12x is jumps straight to 6x then 8x then 10x then 12x so it saves me a lot of time. Typically a full burn takes around 7 minutes.


On TYG02 at 12x it takes 6:51 for me. But with a drop in quality at the end of the disk, not bad though.


Is the drop in quality negligible or is this something that in certain circumstances can effect things?

Also since we have concluded i can use the official firmware would you guys recommend the official firmware, another firmware (if so i’m open to suggestions) or that i just stay stock like i am since i haven’t done anything other then put the burner in and burn from nero.

Oh and i did a Nero CD-DVD Speed Test and Manufacturer is GSC003 and i checked the firmware topic and they all said 4X.
Test took 9:41 and says recording speed 2X-8X
Average Speed of 6.78X
Start 4.13X
End 8.26X
Type Z-CLV

I saved as an HTML file. If you need to see it or something let me know and i’ll see if i can’t figure out how to post it.

Thanks guys.


Yes, the modded firmware has a riplock removal option.


But you won’t get to 12X with a DL disc. If it does what my 3500 does, it is the fastest drive I have ever seen for -+R discs with stock.


Once again thanks guys, you rock.


Sticking with the trend of keeping my questions in my own post lol i got another question for you guys.

I recently grabbed DVD Shrink and was messing around with that to make a copy of a DVD we own because frankly several people in my house can be quite rough the things and really beat them up.
So as i ran through the process i am currently up to the ‘encoding’ which is taking a considerable amount of time. The rate is around 800-ish KB/s and a time remaining of like 2 hours and 30 minutes.
Is this the same process as ripping? Basically i am wondering if any modified firmware would speed up this process.


The Encoding process is the ripping process and the time it takes also depends on the size of the DVD youre backing up. The bigger the movie the longer it takes. There are two things youd need the check to make sure Encoding is as fast as possible on your system.

  1. Flash your drive with a modded firmware that would also have the riplock removed feature.

  2. Make sure your Secondary IDE Chanel is set to Ultra DMA Mode2, transfer mode.
    To get to that setting go to My Computer, right click, Properties, Hardware, Device Manager, expand IDE Controllers… right click Secondary IDE channel, Properties, Advanced settings.


Once again thank you.
I’ll begin checking out some FirmWares and taking suggestions if anyone has any to suggest.

Also i checked my Secondary IDE Channel and there are two devices.
Device 0 and Device 1

Device 0 is set to: DMA if Available and then under that it says Ultra DMA Mode 3

Device 1 is set to: DMA if Available and then under that it says Ultra DMA Mode 2

so i think that is what you meant and that all i need to do now is try something other then stock firmware.


Yes, DVD Shrink rips and encodes at the same time.
800 KB/s sounds a bit slow. I think that DVD shrink may in some cases be limited by the CPU speed. At least with my PC (AMD XP2000), the dvd shrink process usually takes up 100% CPU time, so it appears not be limited by the DVD read speed but rather by the CPU.