Just got my BenQ 1640

Wow, this forum has already been a great source of information thus far and has answered a lot of my questions! I updated my firmware to BSKB because all I do is +R burning and any update past that did not include any changes to +R burning. I have previously owned HP and Memorex burners in the past. So far I have been burning 16X +R Verbatim’s with a media code of MCC 004. I previously never burned any media over 4X but so far my scans using Nero CD-DVD speed have been better when burning at 8X using this media(99%). I did notice though that the speed my discs were scanned at using CD-DVD speed only got up to 3.48% for the 4X scanning and about 7.5% for 8X scanning(this didnt happen with prior burners). I always have SB and Overburning disabled, WPC on when burning. I dont multitask on the computer during this and I am set to DMA all the way around. Is this something I should just ignore since my scans are good? Or is there something going on with my drive?

Also, this is going to seem like a stupid question, but does QSuite have to be running for the burn settings to take effect?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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The Qsuite program doesn’t have to be running, the settings are in the burner itself. Also the fact that you scan at 7.5x for an 8x scan is not a big deal, so long as the discs are burning well and in the right amount of time.

Hi :slight_smile:
If your happy with your results there’s no need to change.
QSuite 2.1 allows control over features, but does not need to be running. As eric93se has already pointed out. Take a look here & d/l QSuite manual. This will help you to decide for yourself if there are any benefits for you.

Great! Just wanted to make sure this was not something I should be worried about. Thanks for your response!

One highly effective tool that maximizes your drive (1640) performance as far as increasing your ripping speed is the too from ala42 called MCSE. You can find and read about it on the following link.


12x is usually the sweet spot with MCC 004 on the 1640.