Just Got my benq 1620 installed it ! got question

hi all , i have just got the benq 1620 pro , i installed everything. now installing all the nero application which came with it. now my question is before i burn, i read alot thread about fireware upgrade. sorry if i got the same queestion.
what should i do to upgrade the fireware. which version of fireware? also anything else ??? thanks alot :bigsmile:

Why not a burn a few disc and evaluate the drive first. May not be any reason flash the drive…

i got a sony dvd-r 120 min 4.7ggb one . how will this work with benq

just burn…it…

Do a few burns, that way you have a baseline for your drive as you update firmwares and things. That way you’ll really know how good it is, or bad, and if a new firmware really is better for it and your media. I have scans saved for all of my drives, makes it way easier to see if I’m actually making improvements as I upgrade.

i am doing a dvd burn of a some clips , 3.5 gb used . its says on ther 6 hours aleast remainging . is it that slow or is it something wrong :eek:

i am doing a dvd burn of a some clips , 3.5 gb used . its says on ther 6 hours aleast remainging . is it that slow or is it something wrong

Yuh, something must be wrong because it doesn’t take 6 hours to burn a dvd. I would suggest you try another brand of media other than SONY. In my opinion SONY media is HIT or MISS. Check to see that you have DMA enabled. Here’s a link on how to ENABLE DMA.

Actually i went to device managaer and checked. its in DMa if available mode,
also i choose MAKE MY OWN DVD VIDEO , to make sure u understand what i mean.

transcoding the videos , i dont think it didn; even burn yet

ok so you’re still transcoding the video clips? what are you transcoding? are you backing up a dvd movie? if you are use free software like DVD SHRINK & DVD DECRYPTER. go to www.videohelp.com and look at the guide section on how to back up dvds.

What does the “current mode” say?

lol…transcoding a video …takes ages…do it other way…

what does the transcoding acutally do??? and whats the other way?

for transfer mode it says dma if available

As in the pic I included for reference in a previous post, what is the “Current Transfer Mode”?

ultra dma mode 2

Ok, if your transcoding it’s all dependant on the speed of your computer and the video files being used. For instance I can take an AVI file and burn it to a movie only DVD in about an hour to an hour and a half on my current computer configuration (actually haven’t done one since I got my RAM up to 1.5 gigabytes so it could be even quicker). If you’re on like a 1 gigahertz machine or even 1.5 it could take a good bit longer, also faster hard drives help that process to believe it or not. Everything helps when transcoding. You’d have to wait to see how long it would take to burn.

My suggestion would be is to go out to Best Buy and pick up a 50 pack spindle of media that is on sale (I’d recommend DVD+R). I think TDK 50 pack spindles are on sale now. Should be good enough to give you a general idea if the drive is working at least. :slight_smile: