Just got my 812s!

Just got my 812s… Doing burn on CMC media right now… the +R Kind… I will post a scan when I am done… But so far it is looking VERY good compared to teh results of my 451…

Here is the scan…

YEP the scans you posted are great on CMC media, have you tried DVD-R yet ??? can you post some scan after you tried burning -R

I haven’t tried -R yet…

Here is a scan of RICOHJPNR01-02 burned at 8x.

I’m loving this new flux of different media scans with the 812s. I’m using 4x -R Memorex ProdiscS03 and my scans have been in the upper 50’s when burning at 4x, and 100-110 burning at 8x. :frowning: The copys work on my burner(that’s all I’m really concerned about), but I have yet to try em in a player.

When I was using the 451 if I tried CMC media it turned into a nice coaster no matter what speed I burned it at… I am ecstatic with the results I am achieving with my 812s…

got an 812 a while ago ( swapped out my 411 to an external case ) and the princo disks the 411 costered burn fine on the new 812 flash.
Big suprise is they now also burn ok on the 411 with the latest firmware now also… Hmmm.
princo -r’s 4x 50 spindle

Here’s a scan of “Imation DVD-R” (CMC Mag AF1) burned at LiteOn 812S US01 4×

Here’s another scan of DVD-R media. This is TY in Czech republic under brand Emgeton DVD-R 4×

very good result !

Another DVD-R, this time it’s Gigamaster DVD-R 4×, I think it’s cheap and not very good medium, but result with kProbe still O.K.

In my case > It seems like very good (and also cheap) DVDs+R for LiteOn 812S are
Memorex - CMC Mag

In General burning on DVD+Rs is little better like burning DVD-Rs…