Just got my 2500a

Well just wanted to say I got my 2500a in today, and so far loving it. I bought it to replace a lite-on 411s that crapped out on me, burns like crap even on good media, but still reads. This drive is amazing, it even burns cmc dvd+r the cmc-f01 media good. I’m getting K-probe scans that peak at 55. Oh yeah, still running on stock 1.06 fw. Don’t know if I want to upgrade just yet, it’s not broke, so why try to fix it for now. But bitsetting would be nice. In closing, I just want to say: much love to the nec 2500a.

Good to hear!
Welcome to the NEC forum! :bigsmile:

Welcome to the party !

just got mines a couple weeks ago too!! congrats. i upgraded to herrie’s 1.07b2v4 FW and the generic dvd-r’s i was burning at 2x… now burn at 4x with no errors! haven’t got one coaster yet after about 20 burns. this drive is sweeeeeeeeeeet for $80!!

I got mine yesterday. I upgraded to 107v2b4, and the results are awesome. It took my about 35 min to rip a dvd and 9min30sec to burn using ridata 4X DVD-R

You fellas may want to post your purchase place/price in my thread here:

For a nOOb as me without a good knowledge of the English language, witch Firmware should I use with my 2500A, actualy stock 1.07 from NEC, for a good compatibility with DVD+RW on my “no-name” home DVD reader ?
I have made some backups with DVD-R (Sony Jpn) with good results but got some problems with DVD+RW. The image is jerky when it comes to action on the TV screen. Same brand as DVD-R .
Does I need Bitsetting these DVD+RW to DVD-Rom ? In this case what is the best firmware to use ? I do not plan to use dual layers.
I know…Too many questions… :slight_smile:
I have read FAQ and many posts, and now I am lost !

bitsetting a DVD+RW disc will only help the standalone with the initial recognition of the disc.
If your DVD+RW video is skipping and has jerky images; the media is poor, or your standalone is not compatible with that dye type, or your standalone player is not fully compatible with DVD+RW.

congrats. I love this drive. A suggestion would be to defrag your hard drive often. this one movie i was trying to rip was getting stuck at the same place, so i defragged and am burner right now:)

Many thanks for reply, so before flashing for a new firmware I will made an other try with a different media. My DVD+RW’ media are from Sony reported by DVDinfopro as RICOHJPNW11-01h (I bought 10 of them)
I use DvdShrink v1.7 and Nero (will upgrade to and when burning Nero has the buffer always full up.
My HD is defragged once a week .
Anyway if an other firmware is better for burning RICOHJPNW11-01h , tell me wich one is better than the stock firmware. Thanks :slight_smile:

stock firmware burns DVD+RW best. :smiley:

Thanks wesociety, I will stay with stock firmware and check other brand of DVD+RW for better reading on my standalone player. :slight_smile: