Just got my 1640 not sure whats going on

Hi all

I got my 1640 today and soon as I got it updated the firmware to BSLB, and downloaded Qsuite 2.1

First of all I burnt a 8x verbatim @ 12x speed (completed in about 7mins)… using all the default settings apart from overspeed. The disc wasnt readable after the burn… when i did a scan i got loads of PO failures.

Just now ive burnt another at 12x… this time turning off WOPC. The burn took AGES 15mins! Solid burn was turned on for both of the options for it… I now notice that TYG02 has appeared in the learned disc area of Qsuite.

Here are some screens of that 2nd burn…

Could someone help me what im doing wrong…or guide me im not sure whats going on… I thought id get alot faster burns with this media & writer… (buffer in nero never drops below 87% btw)

Hi :slight_smile:
One of the things I’ve noticed & this applies even more to BSMB than previous f/w. Is that quite often when activating SB for known media unless OS is also ON then SB can with some media be so fierce that even 8X rated media does not achieve 8X. Hence I would suggest SB/OS activated, WOPC off.
SB=Solid Burn

Hi zebadee thanks for ur reply

Im sure those were the exact settings I used… hmm would the burn go slower first time around? as it would be the first time SB was turned on and it would be learning the disc? Ive just burnt again with a time of 6mins 10secs alot better!

Is this a good burn? With all those PI errors im not sure it is :frowning: lol… sorry for my newbieness

I guess my main question is that good enough to be happy with about burning my data with? Or should I stick with 8x with this media?

Should I pay attention to what Qscan tells me? When it says a disc isnt suitable for a certain speed?

BTW ive stuck BSLB firmware on it… is that one ok? Didnt wanna jump on that new firmware just yet.

Thanks alot

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This is very strange…

This is now at 8x speed which the media is rated at. The quality result is worse than when I burned it at 12x :eek: I dont get it.

I think you might be confused about something. The PIF’s are not the same as C2’s from a CD-R. All 3 scans you’ve provided are good. And yes some media’s burn better at 12x than 8x.

edit: your jitter however is a bit high, the lowest jitter I ever saw was 7%, typically we see jitter in the 8-9% range.

Hi :slight_smile:
I appreciate how it may look, although your right QS is lower 1%.
Look at PIE also lower as is PIF. If you look at totals, both are almost halved.
Therefore the second scan is better overall.
QS over 90% is very good, over 95% excellent.
Both scans are very good.(posts # 3 & 5) So too is the other.

Personally when burning TY02 media, I use MCSE and swap the write strategy to T03 and get phenominal results. You could try the same and swap TYG02 for TYG03.

ahh I see thanks u two for the replies… Yeah i i think i just went paranoid abit! lol… with seeing ppl get far less errors than me. But Its all coming into context now. Especially when I scan some of my old cheap media that ive burned on my pioneer at only 2x & 4x the PI results are three to four times worse than these scans im gettin with this new writer & media. I end up with a QS score of 90% lookin at a couple of my old burns. So it seems like these scans are good :slight_smile:

So I think im panicing over nothing lol. I lost 2 discs in the past due to errors but never really looked into the whole process and idea of achieving better results. This forum has been very eye opening :smiley:

I’ll give that a try Eric with the swapping :slight_smile: