Just got ide asus drw-2014L1

hi there. i just got the asus burner. works well with verbatim discs so far. i got the verbatim 8x dvd-r discs.

it’s an oem that i got from a local shop.

it’s very quiet compared to the liteon 1693s that i also have.

i had to replace a liteon 167t that lasted 3 years for me. it was basically the same price for this asus as it was at staples to get a retail sony ide dvd-rom drive.

Post some scans of your ASUS please.

[QUOTE=THE C.;2063748]Post some scans of your ASUS please.[/QUOTE]

with kprobe or nero?

Nero CD Speed.

test with verbatim 8x

[QUOTE=THE C.;2063772]Nero CD Speed.[/QUOTE]

what’d u think of the scan?

[QUOTE=antec20;2064276]what’d u think of the scan?[/QUOTE]

Not bad! Hey can you scan at 8x. I noticed you scaned at 4x. Lets just see if there is any difference between the two. :smiley:

heres the scan at 8x