Just got an 832S! YAY (:

I just got an 832S :slight_smile: I was gonna get ann 812S but I realised that I should get a drive that supports dual layer officially, any ways the 812S was out of stock. I was wondering is there any reconmended media that i should get?

yeah you should buy some dvd-r or dvd+r media. :stuck_out_tongue:

no, i was wondering about the brands of media

Ricoh, Verbatim, Prodisc. These brands are the best :slight_smile: Get +R medias for the sweet bitsetting support :iagree:

Taiyo Yuden too, excellent quality.

i have a problem with TY. I can’t find any discs in canada,toronto. There are none in best buy, costco, etc. Does anyone know stores??

If you don’t mind ordering online, try blankmedia.ca.

Try this forum

Media Forum