Just got a TSST H522U DVDRW DL..any tips

I just got the Samsung TSST H552U DVDRW DL and although I’ve never burned a DVD in my life successfully copied a movie DVD using 1ClickDVDCopy/CopytoDVD and DVD43Free, so at least I know the thing works.
My question is about dual layer which are DVD+RW DL (Samsung doesn’t accept -RW DL) and my Sony DVD player only plays “-” disks.
Am I doomed to buy a new DVD player or are these rumours about patches to a certain part of the disk using Nero (which I have - 6.6) that makes it playable, true?
You’ll have to excuse me as I’m totally green on this subject.

+RW DL and -RW DL doesn’t exist yet…
+R DL and -R DL exist. +R DL is on th winner side because it can and it will in most cases bitsetted to DVD-ROM whichmakes it virtually accepted by any DVD player device on the market.

Thanks for that info. Actually I should have said R DL I realise. Is there anything one has to do, or watch out for when doing this to ensure compatibility?

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You can use bitsetting to improve DVD media compatibility.
Don’t know for sure if your drive (current firmware) supports bitsetting, but you can read more about it here

BTW, make a read in our Samsung DVD burner forum section. :slight_smile:

Thanks will read. I have sent off an email to Samsung Support regarding the bitsetting issue. By the way, sorry if I posted this in the wrong Forum.