Just got a Sony DRX-820UL-T

This is my first post, so this is also my “Hello” to the forum.

I just bought a Sony DRX-820UL-T external (USB 2.0/Firewire IEEE1394) DVD burner.



But… Has anyone ever heard of this burner!? It’s not on the Sony website, and Google only gives about 20 results and they’re all just places selling it.


I’m also concerned because it doesn’t have a fan…why wouldn’t an external burner have a fan?


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A Sony 820 is a Benq 1670 and uses a Panasonic chipset.

Update: This burner came with an Australian warranty (I’m in the U.S.) :bigsmile:

But, this model is nowhere to be found even on sony.com.au :confused:

Could I have purchased a completely fake product?

(This is what EAC has to say: SONY RW DRU-820A Adapter: 2 ID: 0)

Another Update: According to Nero, this burner doesn’t support DVD-RAM or DVD+R DL, like the box states…looks like I got ripped off :sad:

EDIT: ^ I take that back, Nero scanned both my burners, and I was looking at the stats for my other one, not this Sony :bigsmile:

But the fact that the model itself is nowhere to be found is still suspicious…

As ala42 mentioned, the Sony DRX-820UL/T is an external version of DRU-820A, which is a BenQ DW1670 clone. You can find the review of DRU-820A here and DW1670 preview here.

DRU-820A: internal version
DRX-820UL: external version
DRX-820UL/T = DRX-820UL + Roxio Toast (for MAC).

Please post Nero InfoTools screenshot.

ala42 is correct. Here’s the support page: http://sony.storagesupport.com/dvdrw/drx820ultdwn.htm


(I’ll post that screenshot soon)

For some reason, Nero can’t determine the “Date” or the “Serial Number”, is that normal?

Did this drive come with the wrong firmware ( :eek: )? as you can see in the Nero Infotools screenshot, my drive has firmware 2.0c, but apparantly the DRU-820A is supposed to have firmware 1.0b :confused:

Your firmware version is ok. A/UL/ULT drives seem to get the firmwares revisions starting with 1.0/2.0/3.0. The letter is the firmware minor revision.

Thanks for putting my mind at ease.

Thanks to all of you.


Following on from the original post, I am trying to work out the different Sony drives now. The DRX-820UL/T quoted here isnt on Sonys site yet is mentioned on several retailer sites (with little or no detail). The DRX-820U is on the Sony Style site, and is basicaly like the DRX-810UL but with DVD-RAM. The DRX-810UL compared to the DRX810-UL/T was the later came with software for the Mac according to the Sony site. So why did the badge the new model as DRX-820U, not UL, and what is the difference with the DRX-820UL/T? Is it again just Mac software?

Looking at the package contents listed on the sony style site it says the DRX-820U comes with USB and iLink cables. However the User Manual on the storage support site says it only comes with USB. I was going to go for just the DRX-820U model, but now im not sure whether I need to get the DRX-820UL/T, or even if there is a DRX-820UL model floating around (as I have seen listed on a few pages). Anyone know if there is a definitive list of models?

Slightly OT, but i was wondering if anyone knew if Sony might be releasing a new direct burner model which will have DVD-RAM now? I dont know and havent looked to see if anyone has commented on the internal drive of the VRD-MC1, but based on specs it was close to the DRX-810UL burner.


^ Yeah, why is this burner so mysterious?