Just got a Pioneer DVR-108 (black) and have media compatibility questions



Finally, I can record DVDs containing those big files that I have on my new Pioneer DVD-108 (black; priced at ~89 USD). I have some questions regarding what discs to buy. I bought some 4x ‘SKY’ DVD-R media from www.yesbuy.net a few days ago. They haven’t arrived yet, but I was wondering how their performance is. I heard something about DVD+R media being more compatible with older drives and DVD-Video players due to the booktype being able to be switched to DVD-ROM or something. Is this true? I thought DVD-R is the most compatible simply because it’s been around since 1998 and DVD+R has been around since 2002. If this is not true, let me know. I don’t want to buy, say, 100 DVD-Rs, and find out they work on nothing but what recorded them.

Does anyone have any experience recording on a Pioneer DVR-108 (AKA Pioneer A-08XLB)? If so, what media best works for you, compatibility-wise? Which is more likely to work in that older OEM 1999 DVD-ROM drive, 1998 home DVD player, PlayStation 2, or X-Box? Thanks.


Hmm, if this Sky media are the same like here they are absolutly crappy. I would recommend Ritek or Prodisc Media. They should be much better.

Normally you should not have any problems with DVD-R media, because they are part of the DVD-standard. DVD+R is not and so some older Recorder could not recognize them as DVD media. That’s why some recorders allow so-called bitsetting (changing the booktype). This media should have the same compatibility like DVD-R medias.

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I use TY -R with my 108 (1.14) and I have very good quality burn.
I would not recommend using +R, simply because you cannot do the booksetting trick with this recorder. My home dvd player cannot read +R if the booktype was not set at DVD-rom. However, anything I have burned -R with the 108 was compatible with newer and older dvd players.
Stick with -R with this recorder.


I once used there “SkyPro” media. It came with AML media code. I burned them mainly with my 105(OEMed to TEAC). It wasn’t good but still readable with DVD-Rom drives. (Regarding PS or stand alone player compatibility, I don’t have any idea.)

My 2500A burns them a little bit better but still crappy compared to all other media I own. (Oops, my princo is as good(or bad?) as them.) Without the “pro” mark… hmm… it’s a tough challenge because it’s hard for me to imagine a disc worse than skypro. :slight_smile: