Just got a philips dvdr 1640p (need firmware help!)

Well i just bought this drive today after seeingig it on offer at my local dixons (and likeing the ligts on the frount!)!
What im wanting to know is what is the best firmware to flash this drive with? i have heard that it uses the same chipset as the benq so can i flash it with benq firm ware?
but reallistically i would like to start with official stuff first!
thanks for help! :slight_smile:
oh its got firware p2.2 on atm!

You can get 2.5 Firmware here.
Well… 3.0 firmware will be available soon… I hope…
BTW: I bought mine Philips 1640P yesterday :wink:

well ive just burnt my first disk (g05 ritek) and all i can say is that it blows my plextor 712a out of the water! maby my dvd-r disks will work all the time know in my standalone!
the pi levels didnt pass 40 in plextools (forgot to save the image!)
+are the firmwares above official firmwares?

Yes they are official… :slight_smile:
The first firmware is for retail Philips 1640P…

You can crossflash to the Benq firmware (I did this with my OEM Philips 1640P - no lovely lights :sad:) and it works a treat. However, from reading other posts regarding the crossflash, it appears that the LEDs stop working. So, if you want the lights, stick with the Philips firmware.


yeah atm ill stick with the flashy lights!(kid likes them!)
When is the firmware that allows u to burn 16x dvd-r and 4x dvd=r available? im looking forward to that!

Just a last quikey! :slight_smile:
can this drive do error reporting? atm im useing my px-712a to do pi/po error testing, and i just wandered what prog (if possible) the phillips can use to do these tests!

First burn with philips @8x (ritek g05,ridata)

Same media on my plextor px-712a :Z