Just got a new Benq 1620 Pro...How does this scan look? Is it acceptable?

I used a Teon 8x DVD+R (CMC E01 disc) and burned it at 6x. This is what I ended up with when I ran the DVD quality test. How does this scan look? And yes, I know the CMC E01 is pretty mediocre media, but it’s always cheap and plentiful so I figured I’d see how it burns in the new burner. I’ve got some TY T02 to try later, but for now I’m interested in burn quality on average media so any comments would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Oh, and the drive was the 1620 Pro version from Newegg and it came with the B7S9 firmware on it.

One of the best scans I have seen on this in my opinion very varying media. I never get my scans looking that good.
Congratulation. :slight_smile:

BTW, how did you manage to burn this disc at 6x?


Aha! I know your weak point now :slight_smile:

DVD decrypter offered me the 6x burn so I figured I’d try that. I’ll try it at the 8x the discs are “certified” for next, but wanted to make sure I had a good baseline and understood what I was looking at with the Disc Quality Test. The NEC I just returned couldn’t do it so I hadn’t used it and my Liteon 411s->811 is so bad it can’t even scan correctly in Kprobe, much less burn a decent disc even with top quality media.

DVD Decrypter will also show you the burn speed while burning…

Most probably this was a 4x burn, never the less it’s a good one.

I’m sure you will have a lot of joy with your new drive. :wink:

Excellent scan. Must be the Miama Vice influence :stuck_out_tongue:

Scan looks great. :slight_smile: People need to stop worrying so much. The lower the better on PIE’s and as long as the PIF’s stay below 16 you should be in great shape! :bigsmile: