Just got a nec 3500A,questions on riplock,firmware on it

i just bought the nec 3500A from newegg, from the reviews i read the riplock on the nec limits the read speed only way around it is a firmware. when ripping a dvd on average how long would it take before removing and after removing the riplock? im just worried about flashing the drive since it might damage it but i was recommended to read the dvd with a dvd-rom then burn with the NEC so no flashing required. btw is it true that when ripping the dvd with the nec then burning the quality of the copy isnt good? im getting the drive tomorrow any suggestions on the exact firmware i should flash to or how i should rip the dvds with the original nec firmware? ive looked at rpc1’s site on the NEC 3500a but not sure which one to flash to.

btw from the previous threads what is the bitsetting that some people are worried about?

Flashing your drive won’t physically damage it, but if you have a bad flash (like a power cut mid flash) then it just corrupts the data in the flash rom so the drive won’t work, in that case re-flashing the drive may recover it.

Ripping with a DVD-ROM will usually be quicker so if you have a DVD-ROM as well as the NEC then don’t worry. The only other reasons to flash new firmware is to add more media codes for new media, speedups for existing media, region free, riplock and bitsetting. As for the quality dropping by ripping with the NEC, well that sounds unlikely. If you mean ‘burn quality’ then that is down to the media used, if you mean ‘picture quality’ then that depends if you are making a DVD-5 from a DVD-9 and have to loose some of the Video/Audio quality by re-encoding it to fit it onto a DVD-5.

Bittsetting just alters the booktype of a blank DVD+R/RW/DL DVD to say ‘DVD-ROM’ which is the booktype for a factory pressed DVD like the DVD movie you buy in a store. Some DVD players will only play DVD’s with a booktype of DVD-ROM so bitsetting is used to make a burned DVD playable in those type of players.

I’ve flashed the official 2.18 f/w in my 3500 as I use my Plextor DVD-ROM to rip movies and that f/w also let’s my Prodisc R03 media burn at 12x so I don’t personally need modded f/w.

You can try the latest Quikee and Liggy/Dee f/w but make sure you read both threads to understand if those f/w’s do what you want!

is the prodisc that you talked about Fujifilm branded? b/c i have prodiscF01 (fujifilm 8x dvd-r) i’m not putting any modded f/w on my nec. just the official 2.18 nec f/w

No, mine are Datawrite branded bought from SVP.co.uk:


Look for code {DV 3114} about halfway down the page!