Just got a lite-on sohw-812s

read several post ubt im confused at the information. im looking around to see if there is a hack that will let me use this drive to burn dual layer and or any other tweaks that would help to better perform my dvd writing. any info would help me.

http://codeguys.rpc1.org/ will have the answers. Sticky threads are useful too.

The first thing I did when I got my 812s was update to the 832S firmware to allow DL burning. I have a couple of DL discs coming tomorrow(From 2 Verbatim kits)So I’ll try them out tomorrow night. It’s working great at 8X. I’ve burned 11 discs(8X DVD+R) since last night without any problems.(3-Verbatim, 4-Memorex, 4 RITEK)

rad so if i download and install the 832s firmware then i can start burning dual layer dvd’s :slight_smile: thats soooo fat!!! let me know what happens tonight or when ever you get those dual layer dvds.

ive been reading alot of stuff in here but i dont understand most of it. what is bitsetting and how does it help.

Bitsetting to set higher compatibility for DVD+R (DL) several Standalone Players cant use DVD+R (DL) without problems and so u can change the bitsetting from DVD+R (DL) to DVD-Rom.

oh wow i never even thought about that. so if i do setup my liteon to burn a dual layer then my dvd player might not even read it? and what media are most using? just a regular dvd+r will work? i know for sure that my dvd player plays dvd-r’s. i have not bought any +r’s cuz i know -r’s work on my dvd player. what about being able to burn a dual layer disc on a -r disc? will that work?

You have to set dvd+r dl media to booktype ROM. This is to ensure (about 90%) that your player will play it back. You can set booktype by using the official liteon tool or just set the drive to autoset booktype rom by using omnipatcher from codeguys. Booktype setting only applies to dvd+r’s and there are no such thing as dvd-r dual layer media (atm).


I just burnt my first DL disc tonight with my 812s@832S drive. It worked perfectly. The disc will play in all my DVD players(Phillips DVDR75, Panasonic RP82, and Denon 2200).
For $69 this was an excellent deal. I’ll have to burn another one next week after my 2nd DL disc arrives.

Your DVD player might not read it if you use DVD+R without bitsetting. I personally use DVD-R media to save all the hassel to be honest. You will have a better sucess rate with -R discs :wink:

Sorry if you already know this, but you cant simply goto the LiteOn site, download the 832S firmware and flash it. I assume you know it dosnt work that way. :confused:

so let me get this straight. so i have to set the drive up as booktype rom using that omnipatch program that i have seen around here somewhere, and also i have to download and install the 832s firmware onto my 812s drive? heres the kicker! i know that both my sony and go video home dvd players play a dvd-r cuz i made a copy of a movie and played it on both of them. i have not made a dvd+r and tested it. so can i use a regular dvd-r and record dual layer onto that. that is how your making it sound. well, excelt for slyder. he said he is waiting for his 2nd “DL” disc to arrive. i didnt even now there was a DL disc available to buy.

also, i have read many thread about this changing firmware however will you guys explain in detail what i need to do to get this job done from a to z in steps that i can right down and follow. i dont wanna screw this up and fuck my drive all to hell.
thanks guys for you information,

You need DVD+R DL discs to burn dual layer amounts of data or dual layer length movies. ‘Normal’ DVD+Rs and -Rs will only hold 4.7 GB regardless of what drive/firmware you use. Dual layer DVD+R discs are being manufactured in very limited quanitities right now and go for about $12-15 USD MSRP. In fact, until you actually start using DL discs, you might want to stick with the latest 812 firmware: US0N. The codeguys (the guys who made the omnipatcher) have stated in other threads that US0N is yielding better burns on single layer media than the latest 832 firmware (VS04 i believe).

oh ok, thanks for the information and clearing up some questions that i had on burning dual layer discs. seeing as how expensive they are i think i will stick with dvd shrink and single layer burns.

My 5.5 year old Sony has no problem playing the DVD+R discs(single layer) without bitsetting. It played the DL disc with bitsetting for DVD-Rom just fine. A JVC player aslo had no problems with the DL disc.
I’ve never had a DVD player that couldn’t play a DVD+R disc. I’ve tried over a Dozen player that I’ve owned over the year that I used to have in storage. I’ve stayed away from the DVD-R discs since they were always more of a hassle.

what kind of hassles do you mean? please tell me more :slight_smile:

I have a Sony DVP-S3000 set-top player (a 1997 model) that is -extremely- finnicky about what it will play. I’ve only ever had luck with Audio CD-Rs and VCDs/VCD-Rs aside from retail DVDs. I use it as a solid benchmark for DVD compatibility.

When I got my Liteon 812S, I tried the 4 main DVD formats (DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW) and none worked. Player spun the disc for a while and then just stopped.

I recently flashed to US0N firmware on the 812S and with the bitsetting patch applied via Omnipatcher, now this unit will play DVD+R (aka DVD-ROM now).

Just thought I’d pass this on. Also, I’ve noticed this player of mine won’t do MP2 audio - is this normal? I understand Dolby Digital presence is the official spec so perhaps that is why. My Panasonic F65 5-disc changer seems to play MP2 audio DVDs fine. Of course it is a 2003 model and has played everything I have thrown at it.

BTW, does anyone know where in Canada to get DL media yet? I plan to upgrade my 812S as well to the 832 firmware but will wait until I find DL media at a reasonable price.

Further to a previous poster’s request, I too would like to know if there is any special instructions to bump the 812S to 832S firmware.


I have seen some dual layer media at Best Buy in T.o. Some small stores cary small amounts of th DL media too. You just have to ask around.

I just purchased this drive recently also, and all I did was download Lite-on official firmware upgrade to for this burner. Cant I just use the standard bundled software along with Nero to make and copy DVD movies. All of this K-probe and omni patch seems overkill for a newbie.

yes abe you can. that is what i did. well i used dvd shrink to shrink the added features a lil and then added it to the software that came with my dvd writer which in my case was sonic’s “my dvd.” actually on another post i asked how to do it and someone i cant remember who said to use recordnowdx which is a part of mydvd. i opened recordnowdx, then data, and then add files and added the audio and video files that dvd shrink made for me. that simple. ive done 5 movies thus far and all have turned out perfectly. and i bet im using shit for media too. ridata dvd-r from newegg.com. its cheap and works great. hehe good luck,

Thanks a lot for the info, I havent made a Data DVD or DVD movie disc yet, Im reading these forums to make sure I know whats the best media and software to use.