Just got a 2510A.. newbie questions here

Ok I had a Lite-On 411 before and it was trash, every other disk had major issues, some couldnt read, some skipped etc… almost all failed Neros surface test… so I decided to upgrade, I had no experience with 8X burners…

Soooo how do I even try disks at 8x? All the programs I use (Nero and DVD Decrypter) just lock it at 4X and wont let me even try 8x. So does this mean the discs CANT do 8x, or that the burner doesnt let me try since their rated at 4x?

The firmware in the 2510 will probably only burn the best media at 8x (Taiyo Yuden for example). In order to get the 8x burns on more media types you have to use a hacked firmware. I believe Herrie is working on one as we speak and will be released in a week or two.


Ah thats what I was wondering, so it needs a hacked firmware to write 8x on most 4x discs.


Hacked fw will let you write 2x,4x media at 6x or 8x but and this is the kicker not all 4x can even burn well at 4x so even with hacked fw you may not get 8x or even 6x that are not coasters. Fw is set to speed limits because the maker of drive has tested the media types on the test drive in their lab and seen that anything over the speed set on the fw does not produce good recording. You should keep this in mind when ever you use hacked fw and see that media does not burn well past its rated speed.

Ya, that part i knew, but most my media is good, Prodisc and havent burned a coaster yet with this NEC.


just being sure you understand. I see so many on here all upset over my media wont do 8x that forget its 4x media, BTW I have a 2510a also used to be 2500a i dos flashed it to the 2510a fw and I have burned about 10 ricohR01 media dvd+R 4x at 6x with it , and had no coasters yet, I was using herrie’s HV2B5DLBS fw but the base fw he used is HP520n 2.21 and its over month older then nec 2510a fw 2.15 so I have loaded that now.

Understood, Im happy enough that Ive burned 10+ DVDs today and no errors, with the same media I was getting 8/10 coasters with my Liteon. I dont expect it to always work at 8X but Id deff like to try it, and maybe if I cant do 8X then 6X would work.

Even 8x rated media can have bad burns. I have found that using 8x media and burning at 4x I get the best results. I can burn then at 8x but they don’t ‘always’ (I say always with emphasis) read back at full speed with a smooth curve. If I burn them at 4x I can near enough guarantee a smooth read curve in CD Speed everytime. What’s a few minutes anyway? Unless you are burning lots and lots of discs in one sitting

I feel the same way, as I have not gotten many good burns at 8x. I would add the extra 2 minutes and do it at 4x or 6x until the media quality gets more consistant. Or use the good stuff at $1.50 a disc…