Just got 708, burns SLOWWWWW

I just burned a DVD-R @ 8x using the supplied dvd that came in the box with the drive… It took 1:14:30 to finish… yes thats 1 hour 14 minutes and 30 seconds… anyone know whats up? I was using nero, and I have a 1.2ghz athlon, 1gig ram, asus a7v mobo. running xp pro sp1. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

only selected DVD+R Media can be burned at 8x. If you used DVD-R than this could be the problem. Also, check the manufacturer of the disc with DVDinfoPro and post the results here.


not sure what type of dvd the first one was, but i’m burning a disc right now its a verbatim 4x dvd+r, part #94607. estimated time since it is not yet finished is 50 minutes or so… I already updated to firmware 1.2, so firmware is not an issue here.

Obviously your drive is running in PIO or Multiword DMA. You have to activate DMA 2 mode. Check hardware manager and delete IDE ports then restart.

If you have any programs from Pinnacle, then you might want to remove them. They can also cause the problem.

i have no software from pinnacle, i just checked my hardware settings and it was set in pio mode under secondary ide channel master. which is the drive in question… I changed the drive to udma 2 in my bios and it recognizes ultra dma mode 2 in windows now… I won’t be able to test it till tomorrow after work, will keep everyone posted, please post any other ideas on here if any of you have any. thanks

I’m 100% sure that DMA was causing your problems. Remember, when burning at 8x the drive needs a constant data stream of roughly 11Mbit per second. When your drive is in PIO mode is can never get this amount of data from your system. Your problem is not related to DVD-R media. 2x burning should take about 28x minutes, 2.4x about 24 minutes, 4x about 14 minutes and 8x burning about 8 minutes.

Anyway , Plextor comes with x4 DVD+R disk :slight_smile:

got it working it was the dma problem. 8-9 minutes a burn now for a full disc on 4x media, awesome!!!

i got a question, my drive is set on UDMA-2. I was wondering will i get better speed if I set it all the way to UDMA-5. Plus my Plextor 708a is set on Slave, 40 conductor.

Nope, UDMA mode 2 is the best mode and UDMA mode 5 will not give you any performance increase. Master or Slave position doesn’t matter that much. When you’re experiencing problems it’s recommended to run the PX-708A as Master device but when you don’t have problems you can use it as Slave device. Mine is also running as Slave without a problem.

i wanna know how come i cant burn dvdr faster than what its advertised? example, im using 2.4x fuji dvd+r and in the burn speed option the only speed showing is 2.4x. i wanna know is there something i can turn off so that i can burn faster?

i have that same problem, but its when i’m using dvd+rw, it will only let me use 2.4x, when i want to do it at 1x… weird? its with nero if anyone has any ideas…

Go and read the manual! No way to burn 2,4 blanks at 4x!

Yes indeed. The only exception is that the drive can burn certain 4x media at 8x. Media suitable for 2.4x recording speeds cannot be burned faster. Vice versa, some media cannot be burned at lower speeds.