Just got 2510A wanna make sure



Ok, I just received my 2510A and frankly this is the first time I ever received an optical drive after reading so much official/not-so-official stuff about it (my last burner was a Plextor 12/10/30, plug and burn…) that I feel I might set off a nuclear detonation upon making one mistep. :confused:

Ok first things first, I’m planning to use Herrie’s firmware to allow bitsetting on DVD+RWs. I assume it’s best to bet on the 2k5107v2b5dl.rar file.

Now from what I’ve read, Herrie made firmwares for the 2500 which are compatible with the 2510A. However he says “To flash from one drive type to another, you must flash with a BIN file in real DOS”.

1- Does it mean i need another file prior to 2k5107v2b5dl.rar?
2- Does it mean i need to get the Dos version of the 2k5107v2b5dl.rar file?

Also, I’m planning to set my drive as primary slave (Primary master is for my Pioneer DVD-Rom drive, the Promise controller handles my HDDs). Does this affect the firmware flashing in any way?

Now I’ve read the sticky faqs on the NEC forum. Are there any “90% of the ppl screw this on this one step” mistake I should be aware of?

I’ll wait for some possible replies before I plug it in with my fingers crossed. It’s currently sitting on my desk like the Lost Ark.

Thanks in advance for your help.


If you have Windows XP make a dos floppy boot disk by using the format option for drive A:
Place the file NEC2X00A.EXE on the dos boot floppy.
Put the NEC-2510A on a regular ide controller, not the Promise controller.
Boot off the floppy and back-up your firmware.
Take the backup off the floppy and store it somewhere safe.
Put the file 107v2b5d.bin on the floppy, reboot if necessary, and upgrade your bios.

If you have a fat32 partition you can just boot from the floppy and do the backup and flash from the visible hard drive. If you have NTFS then you will have to use the convoluted procedure I gave you or some variation of it. There is not enough space on a floppy to hold both the backup and the new firmware at the same time. You can see the instructions for using NEC2X00A.EXE by typing it without any arguments.


Thanks for the help, I guess i had to go to DOS anyhoo.

Made 3 disks:
-1 with the Boot Disk
-1 with the .exe (used for backup)
-1 with the .exe and the 107v2b5d.bin

Overall it was a little scary (hacking a brand new drive is a first for me)

Normal that it shows 2500A right?

Edit: We can bitset using Roxio 7 right? I don’t like Nero very much (it hated my Plextor and vice-versa)

I saw some utilities posted on the forum but lost track of them. I’ll continue looking but if anyone would kindly quick-link to them I’d greately appreciate it.


Two would have been enough, You may wish to place NEC2X00A.EXE and the backup on a boot disk and put it away in case you ever wish to revert. The drive showing as 2500A is normal. Thank goodness you had a floppy drive, there are dos boot cd images that you can download which have NTFS read-only privleges, but it’s a little harder to find one with NTFS write privledges, needed for the backup. Use a program like DVDinfopro to set the book-type default to DVDROM. Remember the book-type only applies to +R(W) disc. There may be a bitsetting utility for the HP drive from which the book-type code was derived. I doubt that Roxio or Nero support the book-type setting for this “aftermarket” firmware.


Hmmm, I couldn’t fit the boot disk + NEC2X00A.EXE + Image on a same disk…

thanks for the help.

I’m having trouble burning with Roxio 7, i’ll tinker with it some more.

Now to find DVDInfoPro.

Thanks again for the help.

Edit: Oh I forgot. For some reason my Nec is showing as a CD rom, I think I saw a post on the subject somewhere… :a


It will fit, you don’t need all those files that are on the boot disk, just the OS files should be enough. As for DVDInfopro a search on Google might help.


Yeah, I already found it. Thanks.

Right now I’m wondering why Roxio/WinXP won’t format one of my DVD+RWs (I don’t even know how data got onto it in the first place) :a

Oh the joys of troubleshooting new hardware…


I’m in the same boat. New 2500A here as of today. I lost you on step 2. “Place the file NEC2X00A.EXE on the dos boot floppy.”

Where do I find this file NEC2X00A.EXE?

In addition, once I boot off the floppy in step 4. “Boot off the floppy and back-up your firmware,” how do I back-up my firmware? Is this NEC2X00A.EXE a DOS program that walks me through the back-up?

Thanks for the help! I’m not having an easy time of this for some reason. I usually catch on to this stuff fast.


Yeah NEC2X00A.EXE is a DOS program. It’s bundled with the 2k5107v2b5dld.rar (which is 2k5107v2b5dl.rar for DOS)


Roxio’s Dragtodisc/directcd packet writing program is a hassle, all packet writing programs are a hassle to some extent. It’s all but impossible to uninstall. If you ever want to get rid of it, you will probably have to do it by hand. You need to make sure to have Windows native recording turned off on the drive; right-click Properties->Recording uncheck Enable CD recording on this drive. If all went well with the bios flash and the drive was good to begin with I think it’s now a matter of software troubleshooting.

@Decel Since I took some shortcuts knowing that you already downloaded the bios upgrade, mabye you could fill in the missing details for BigRed1.


Can’t find the > Recording on the drive property. :confused:

Yeah, Installing Nero OEM now, hope I have better luck. :a

BTW, is it normal that the LED just stays lit-green while i’m erasing a disc?


In addition, once I boot off the floppy in step 4. “Boot off the floppy and back-up your firmware,” how do I back-up my firmware? Is this NEC2X00A.EXE a DOS program that walks me through the back-up?

Once you have NEC2X00A.exe on the boot disk, just type “NEC2x00A” and it will give you the command line. You need to know in what position your drive is though (Primary/Secondary Master/Slave)

If you need any help flashing the drive, just ask :slight_smile:


Go to My Computer, then right-click on the drive assigned to the NEC-2510A. Go down the list until you see Properties, then left-click. This should bring up some tabs including General, Autoplay, Hardware, Sharing, and Recording; left-click on the Recording tab and make sure that “Enable CD recording on this drive is unchecked.”

Nero will usually work fine even with Roxio installed. Nero InCD, Nero’s packet writing program, will usually not work properly after a Roxio’s DragtiDisc/DirectCD has been installed. This is because Roxio does not completely uninstall and leaves drivers installed which interfere with InCD’s proper functioning. Usually I have had to uninstall these drivers by hand, no small effort, and then install Nero InCD. If you want packet writing, i.e. drive letter access, you should search the forum to find out how to “remove Roxio” should this problem arise.

The green led should be on when the drive is writing to / erasing a disc.


Yeah, that’s what I meant. There’s no Recording tab after Sharing

On another note, Nero will burn my discs.
However when I make an Iso comparison with DVDInfoPro, there’s so many errors it got up to over 100 in less than 200 megs. Makes me remember why I avoided Nero all these years.


Ah, few hours later and suddently Roxio pulled its bit-head out of its byte-ass and suddently started to work well. :eek:

Tried to burn the same file on Roxio that failed so miserably on Nero and - surprise surprise it’s a perfect image! :bow:

I think this is the end of my struggle and the beginning of the joys of owning a DVD burner :iagree: :bigsmile:

@ BlackWolf
Thanks a lot for your help, I still didn’t manage to find that record tab in the drive property, but I as long as it works I’m willing to forgive the little green men playing tricks in my box.



Please excuse me for butting in on your thread. Thanks for your help despite.

BlackWolf, thanks for the help too.

I’ll do a search to find NEC2X00A.EXE and then give it a go.


Go there, click on the Beta 5 link

When he offers it, click on the DOS version. The DOS version’s Zip file contains the NEC2X00A.EXE

I’d link to the file directly, but I don’t think I’m allowed to from the rules I’ve read.

Then follow what Black Wolf has written in post 2.

This thread is basically closed since I’ve passed through my troubles. Feel free to use it. And ask anything that you’re missing/don’t understand.


Sorry posted message in wrong thread.