Just got 1620 :)! Advise welcome!



Hello everybody, first of all i want to greet you all with summer :slight_smile: Burn not only dvds and cds… burn your body in the sun :smiley:

Okay, here is my “problem”… i just got BenQ 1620 bulk version, made in OCT2004, now it is “equipped” with G7Z9 firmware… Yesterday i bought FUJIFILM DVD+R (made in japan) it shows YUDEN000 T02, i think it isn’t fake… I tried to make a quality scan, it showed a 97 QS, 10 pif, 7pie, no pof, low jitter… everything’s ok… Burned @ 4x (i hate those high speeds)

So, my questions:
#1 - The scanning speed was set to MAXIMUM, but it scanned it @8x MAX (in the end of the scan) Is this normal? (I know it is not 16x, cause there is no riplock patch :slight_smile: )
#2 - I want you to ask, if i get good quality score with this firmware, do i really need to update to another? I will always write to these YUDEN000 T02… So i think i just want to get higher read speed, if i am correct, by adding ALA’s MSCE speed patch

I need advices from people how can i increase the speed, by not updating to other firmware… i like this G7Z9 :slight_smile:

Maybe i can dump it somehow?
Thanks for your answers…
P.S. I know that i WOULD find answers to my questions in forum, but i just can’t spend all my time searching… I believe there are people that can shortly tell me that, and maybe give more advises how to use my 1620 to get best results ever… :slight_smile:
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G7Z9 ? huh ? interesting.


You should spend some time for reading, e.g. by reading the FAQ and using the forum search function to search for the firmware revision you use. I fear that only a few users will spend their time on your questions as long as you are not willing to spend some of your time, too.


Well, after some reading i managed to cross-flash my drive, and not it is B7V9 firmwared + ALA42’s MSCE SpeedHack and the firmware is RPC1. The ripping speed is awesome, burning also :). Here is a scan of FUJIFILM made in japan… Tell me if there’s anything wrong in scan… Thanks! I really love my BenQ! By the way, it’s just the beginning, and the burn is without WOPC :wink:


looks good.

enjoy your BenQ