Just got 100 Taiyo Yuden DVD-R's & Need Help



First off hello everyone!

Ok, I just made the switch from Kodak DVD-R’s to these Taiyo Yudens because Taiyos recieved alot of good word, about its quality which is the most important.

Anyways today I just went out and bought 100 pack of Taiyo’s DVD-R… now I’m a bit scared because I’m not sure if they are 100% TY’s or some ripoffs, or some other weird brand using TY’s… no where on the top surface of these have anything written on them.

I bought these in a non-cake box form, just had a top plastic lide and a bottom plastic lid, and plastc wrap.
Top surface is silver and I believe its inkjet printable, bottom surface is purple.

I just downloaded the DVD Identifier program and ran it, now I’m not sure how accurate that program is, but I will assume it is close 100% :slight_smile:

These are the results I just recieved:

now by looking at this screenshot result can anyone verify if this is a real TY? by looking at the media code? I don’t know how to read it.

anyhelp is appreciated!

Thank you.


look at the inner-hub ring, read serial number and post it.
It should be something like TGxxxxxx for T02 and GGxxxxxx for TYG02 (your case)


Hmm… Im looking at the inner-hib ring and to tell you honestly its really hard to make out, but from what I can read it says “0L 23MH0406241952A”

does that help?


the serial number you have to look for has 8 digits i.e. TG001125.
Yes it’s hard to read, you could need light


thnx for the replies.

But the problem is, I dont even see that TGxxx reading anywhere.

I did find this though: “R8X DD19” on the purple backside.


Turn the disk over to the burnable side and look at the shiny ring inside of the burnable area.

I don’t have any -R but you can see what I’m looking at!


As before, where did you buy them. BTW, it is bad form to post in multiple locations.


yep sorry about the multiple post, I didn’t know this was the proper section to post it in the first place.

dsdarli: I just looked at the burnable side, I see no wording of the TGxxxx like it does in that picture.

Dam… I’m planning on returning these or something, I don’t see the TG stuff and surface of this is like … not smooth, its inkjet type.

I didn’t know the guy gave me wrong types.

I bought them from here: http://www.sonnam.com/detail.asp?S=680952443&prod_gp=&prod_code=999&prod_ID=MED-DVD-TAI-8X

It’s a canadian store.


From thier website…

"No return and/or exhange for the following items:

Computer software.
Notebook computers.
Blank media.
Printer cartridges, toners and ink refill.
Special order products."

Give em hell! LOL!


If these are being sold this way as TY and they are not, then that is fraud. So far there have been no reports I have seen of fake TY in North America sold by dealers when it is advertised as TY. Before you worry too much you should burn one of these and get it scanned to see what kind or quality it is. Then it might be a good idea to contact TY and find out if this dealer is authorized. If this is fraud, I would go to the authorities but you need more than a guess to prove the media is fake. Someone with experience should look at it.

Here is the link for the Ontario distributor:



So I’m guessing I got some “knockoff” Taiyo Yuden’s then?

If so, I might as well use them, I just burned a movie on one of them and it came out OK, when I watched it on my DVD Player.

I got another question, If I’m planning on buying RiData DVD-R’s, should I be buying the ones in this packaging?

or this packaging?

also what is your take on RiData’s?
is there another brand that is close to TY’s quality?

I’m asking this because frankly I’m a bit tired of searching for stores in my area which sell TY, and I can’t find any except for one. Which I think are selling knockoff ones.

again thanks for your help guys.


If you want to buy real TYs in Canada go to http://blankmedia.ca I’ve bought there a few times and always get the real deal


I would avoid Ritek G05s as they have become variable in quality and, as have most Ritek, lost the quality they once had. If you are looking for quality I would look for media with MCC media codes like Verbatim. Also, don’t give up on TY. I am sure the Chicago distributor will be happy to give you a list of authorized dealers.


I haven’t had very good experiences with RitekG04.


These are most likely fakes. I got the same discs from Factory Direct for about 30 cents each, and aren’t very impressive (I have Maxell MIJs that are MUCH better).


If you can find some I’d get the Ritek 4x DVD+R’s… doesn’t matter about the packaging. They should hopefully be RicohJPNR01 which burn off with nice results most of the time. I had one 50 pack spindle that was worse than others but other than that they have been great every time out. You could also get RitekR03’s as a media code on the 4x DVD+R’s but I’m not sure how they do as far as burning capabilities on the newer drives.


Yeah I looked into the RITEKG04’s and bought a pack of 50, my LG liked them but I think its time I move onto more better media such as the Fujifilm MIJ Taiyo’s.


Sometimes they are superb and other times they are just average. The quality is very erratic. Watch out as some drives will let them burn at 8X and they are best at 4X.


yep I read on this forum that the RITEKG04’s like to be burned at 4x, so I burned my DVD’s at 4x.



I bought the exact same TY DVDs as you did from Sonnam as well. And I got the same results as you did and that is discussed above.

I have been in contact with the Taiyo Yuden office responsible for Ontario and although it looks almost surely as though they are fakes it is not confirm absolutely yet.

But I will find this out and post the findings here when I get to the bottom of this.