Just got 100 Taiyo Yuden DVD-R's & Need Help



First off hello everyone!

Ok, I just made the switch from Kodak DVD-R’s to these Taiyo Yudens because Taiyos recieved alot of good word, about its quality which is the most important.

Anyways today I just went out and bought 100 pack of Taiyo’s… now I’m scared because I’m not sure if they are 100% TY’s or some ripoffs, or some other weird brand using TY’s… no where on the top surface of these have anything written on them.

I bought these in a non-cake box form, just had a top plastic lide and a bottom plastic lid, and plastc wrap.

I just downloaded the DVD Identifier program and ran it, now I’m not sure how accurate that program is, but I will assume it is close 100% :slight_smile:

These are the results I just recieved:

now by looking at this screenshot result can anyone verify if this is a real TY? by looking at the media code? I don’t know how to read it.

anyhelp is appreciated!

Thank you.

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Look good to me


what is the serial number? the one on the dye side should have a G in it.


They sound like the “Value” TY; very good genuine discs. Where did you get them?



You have cross posted this in several freaks areas-

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Be sure if you’ve the GG/GG serials or marks on it, they’re real TY!


I use nothing but Taiyo Yudens (full face printable x8 -R) on my NEC 3500 and buy from SVP here in the UK. Normally they come on a spindle but the latest batch were wrapped as you describe - top and bottom plastic plate shrink wrapped. Also worthy of note - dropped from £59ish per 100 to £45.99 (inc VAT). That’s £13 saved by not having a spindle!!

As real as they get - serial number: WC521A303478GG


TYs are good quality disks (read their website :p), however the last batch I used left me with a few coasters for some reason. There was a story out a short while back that there were counterfeit TYs on the go… and I wondered if I fell for it!

If you can find a supplier for the Ritek Extreme or Datawrite Titanium disks, I’d give them a go. I’ve had good success with them personally and know plenty people who wouldn’t touch anything else.