Just getting started in the dvd recording .. any help would be great



i am in the prosess of getting started in the dvd recording and the question i have is nero will not work for me at all for regular cd recording so i have not looked back af far as there products. what other one will a new user be the most user friendly,then i can move on to a more advance product? i have searched for some answers and i am more confused now then when i started…lol

also with this dvd2one does it alow you to make more that one copy?or if something hapens can you copy from a copy? having children we usualy have to buy 2 of everything. so needless to say i have a few ruined dvd’s so now i am copieng everything … thanks in advance for any help


hey paul

curious what operationg system running and how much memory ??? I help solve alot of problems in forum and wonder why nero wont run on yours … I have solved this many times different computers …I am also techinician in real life …network administrator and do software and hardware problems …

for dvd burning i use dvd shrink …which is free … the new version is 3.0 … but i use 2.3 and works great for me … the new version has alot of new things and look very good …

then i use nero to burn it and always does a good job …even on disney movies with some programs have trouble burnering cause of macrovision protection example dvd x copy and dvd xpress …

well if you like to contact me via msn messenger that is fine
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hope this helps


I’m also just getting into DVD burning. And need pointers on which software to buy. I tried backing up DareDevil with DVD Tool box but get a “continuable error” and dont know what it means. My system:
Barton 2500
Asus A7n8x Deluxe
1024mb memory corsair pc3200 matched
Sony DRU-510a
Creative 52x cdrom
2 x sata serial ATA 80 gb seagate HD’s in raid 0


Electraglide ,

feel free to message me at msn


will answer your questions …

but I use dvdshrink …you can get it free on the web … it is freeware …

then I use nero express or nero to burn the image …



Originally posted by giovanni42104
Electraglide ,
feel free to message me at msn
will answer your questions …

I respectfully have to say that this defeats the purpose of this forum. This forum was setup so people could ask their questions and share their knowledge in such a way that we can all benefit from this.

When people are drawn away from this forum and contact people in private to get answers, this defeats the purpose of this forum in two ways actually:

[li]The person only gets one opinion and is thus denied the benefit of interaction between members, which is usually better to get unbiassed opinions (not to mention that other people might even know more on a particular subject);
[/li][li]By removing the discussion from this forum, the knowledge of that particular discussion is not stored on this forum and cannot help others who encounter the same problem (that is why we have search…).

It is for this reason that I would kindly ask you to help us by sharing your knowledge on the forum instead of transferring the discussion into private areas (such as messenger or email).

But back to the topic, have you checked out our tutorials section etc.? We have quite a few guides and tutorials in our Video (e.g. MPEG-4), (S)VCD Editing and Authoring Forum and Transcoding software forum. I think that by reading those tutorials and other topics in those forums, you can learn a great deal on this matter.

Hope this helps and feel free to ask questions, we are here to help you help yourself.


da taxman ,

sorry i meant that if they was confused about the programs or didnt know how to use them i could help them or point them where to get the program …

that is all … .didnt mean to offend


thanks for the relpy… i will search and learn and search some more…but all tips and tricks are greatly welcome, so thanks again