Just flashed my 411 @ 811 but problem



Its meant to burn at 8x right? when i burned a data cd it only went at 4x , could it be the dvds? becuase ive got some memorex 1 - 4 dvd-rs.
thanks to anyone who helps


Certain brands will only burn a max of 4x. For instance - My Ritek DVD+R 4x’s (RitekJPNR01) will burn all the way up to 8x even though I slow it down for more reliable burns. I just tried a TDK 4x DVD+R and the max speed for it was 4x with a default speed of 2.4x but it burned fine at 4x. It just depends on what the firmware has set for the speed of the media being used.


the 811 can only burn (PLUS) +Rs at 8x, not -Rs.


Memorex DVD+R 1-4X can also be “CMC MAG.F01-R00” or “MBIPG101-R03” (Moser Baer India…)
Thanks to ‘nikon’ at speedlabs.org
Both are 4X rated in 811S firmware. So 8X burning is NOGO!

You have to speedhack your firmware to be able to burn at 8X.



Just remember that even with the speedhack tool the 811S cannot burn DVD-R media at 8x. You will need DVD+R media to satisfy your need for speed on that drive. :smiley: