Just flashed 111D to 111L, how do i write to DVD-RAM?



ok, i’ve had tons of burners, but this is my first one capable of DVD-RAM. i formatted the DVD-RAM disk before i tried to write to it. how do i write to it? i thought the computer sees the DVD-RAM disk as another hard drive or something similar, but i can’t drag and drop things there. do i have to use software to do it? Nero won’t burn to it. thanks in advance.


You can only use it that way when formatted with FAT32.
Otherwise you need patched Panasonic drivers.


Hacked Panasonic drivers are here:



thanks guys, i’ll try it out.


WIndows XP will let you write to a DVD-RAM. Just use windows explorer. It is treated as a large floppy disk. That is what i use. No need for special or hacked drivers.


Only if it is formated as FAT32. If you want to use UDF you need drivers.


man, maybe i’m just stupid but i still don’t get the “mass storage device” or “removable disk” icon in my computer. i actually don’t see any besides my 4 partitions, my 111D (flashed to 111L), my 2 virtual drives, and my 2 removable drives (due to an internal memory card reader) and finally, my floppy drive icon. any additional help. i was under the impression that DVD-ram needs no special software and you can “drag and drop” files there just like you would to a hard drive. is this assumption incorrect? thanks!


Perhaps if you disable the built-in Windows XP cd burning utility then you can use Nero’s InCD. That might work.