Just find a little bug in 1.2.0

When I ripped a DVD with two (or more) audio tracks (0x80; 0x81; 0x82 etc…)
and if I want to keep only one audio track which is not the first (0x81) the final DVD2one movie won’t be demux in smartripper or DVD decrypter in fact they don’t see the audio track because it’s not the 0x80
So could you remap the audio track in the next version ?
I do this because i use DVD2one to compress and then i put audio and video track in scenarist to author.

If someone has the same problem the solution i found is to remap the audio tracks when i rip the original DVD put be carefull when you put it in DVD2one the language it shows are not the right because of the remap

before remap
0x80 -> english
0x81 -> french
0x82 -> spanish

after remap 0x81 to 0x80 and 0x80 to 0x81
you 'll always see the same but the reality is different:
0x80 -> french
0x81 -> English
0x82 -> spanish

I hope you anderstand me

THX for your great job


I think you should use vobedit to demux into ac3/m2v files.
Works like a charm, since it analyzes the ifo and gives you the correct information and streams.

Hmmm I shall have to test this for myself.
If the audio exists and the IFO file is valid, it should show up.

You could also use the stream processing feature in ‘File’ mode within DVD Decrypter to extract the streams from the DVD2ONE backup image.