Just end credits, no video.! What's up?


I’m looking to buy a sony dvp-ns905 to replace my old stand-alonde dvd player.

Went to the store and tried about 6 types of dirrefent media (-r, +r, -rw,+rw), and it looks great, it accepts it all.

I also had animatrix with me on 2 different types of media. When it plays I just get the menu and the end-credits, it doens’t play any video. What’s wrong. Is it a bad IFO file, which the player can’t read correctly.

Movie works fine on my PS2 and my old stand-alone.

Basically what I want to now is:

Is this a disc problem which can be corrected by making a new IFO, or is it a real problem with the player, and therefore is it a big NO on buying.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.