Just downloaded the new version of DVD43FREE

…from here: http://www.dvd43.com/ and after rebooting I immediately got the pop-up “missing driver” which I assume referred to the DVD43-14 that I keep in My Received Files. I duly installed that too and now it works. Why the two separate entities? Am I missing something here as the download page makes no mention of this, I just happened to stumble on that when I did the previous version download (which I uninstalled first)? :confused:

Solved, thanks.

How do I post a question

You just did! Now, do you have another question? Perhaps something related to 1Click?

:bigsmile: The old jokes are always the best 4hams.

SWEET, hey 4hams, you need to spend more time at the 1Click forum, I for one really miss your posts.

LOL :doh:

Thanks campman! But there is really not enough time in the day!