Just did it, Ordered a 1640

Newegg sent me a email telling me that the 1640 Item #: N82E16827101651 was now back in stock. Ill let you all know all about it when it shows up. Place, date, country, etc. :clap: :iagree:

Good show! Remember that some media will burn faster at 12X and even some at 8X than Nero set on the max record speed. Ritek GO5 8X/ Max +R 8X at 12X.

Im not sure if this is good or bad. They charged my CC which means I should have it shipped monday. Just for the heck of it I just looked at the newegg site and it once again shows the item out of stock. The exact item number. I guess its possiable they got a few hundred in and the word got out and they were all bought. The other possiability is because of the weekend their site was not updated. I ordered mine at 2:00 am in the morning their time using the link they provided in the email. What im hoping is they did not find a boxfull in the back room that has been sitting there for months. In any case should it have any flaws it goes back the next day. :iagree:

Im sort of looking forward to at least a july manufacture date.

Hope all goes well. BenQs are decent burners after you get the bugs out.

That happens all the time at newegg.com. When they get an electronic order that exceeds their stock they post an out of stock warning. If it was in stock when you ordered it you will probably be ok. Newegg has never done me wrong on an order! Yet!

Yes Newegg has also treated me good. I guess I don’t need this much excitment before coffee. :slight_smile: :iagree:

edit: While closing all the browser pages I had open one of the pages was the burners page. Which now shows it back in stock. This is funnier then a box of rocks. At least im having fun and that is the important thing.

Im willing to bet there are alot of people with their CC card out as we speak. :bigsmile:

chas it could have been worse… he could have bought a plextor. :Z :rolleyes:
My 1640 worked right of the bage hope you have the same luck. :slight_smile:


and thank you. I hope so to :slight_smile:

ps: disreguard the link above it’s back out of stock again LOL :confused:

You’re right. I forgot about how much extra he could have paid.

I had a Plextor. $160 and 14 months later dead. :doh:


NewEgg usually gets the charge placed on the CC before they ship it, so that is standard policy with them. Since NewEgg is highly rated (and it can be easily proven and verified other ways), I would say you have nothing to be concerned about. :wink:

I would say I just got in under the wire. Im sure there was no shortage of people on the site as soon as word spread. I am following the order status but being sunday nothing is going to happen till at least tomorrow. The next step is box and ship.

Welcome to the 1640 club!

It Is A Great Club!!! I Love My Benq 1640, I Get Consistent 99% Quality Score With My (ty) Media!!!

Well maybe I can bring something new to the table like a August manufacture date or something. Ya never know till ya try. Thanks



We have a Fed X tracking number now :bigsmile:

Check out this thread. You will not believe it :eek:


that is one of the saddest threads i’ve ever seen. they got you to RMA a drive (without even opening the package) based on the possibility it might have come from the same factory as somebody else’s drive? that’s pathetic.