Just curious if

I have a 812 external drive and I was wondering if I bought a 1693 internal if it would fit and work in the stock litey external case? Ialso have a external 1213@1653 and the cases look exactly the same. Anyone know? :confused:

I can think of no reason the 1693 will not fit as I have swapped my 812/832 many times with other Liteons as well as other drives. You very possibly might be limited to 8X burning though. Try it.

Thanks for the reply. As soon as a little extra cash falls my way I’ll try it but I will be dissapointed if it limits to 8X.

Open the case and try to read the chipset. If you post it here we may be able to tell if it is useful above 8X. BTW, I have 5 drives that burn above 8X and I have never seen any benefit to going faster. The media is more reliable, cheaper, and burns better. Also the savings in time is only a minute or two.

I agree with burning no higher than 8X but I also drive the speed limit but if speed odo says 120 the damn car better do it if you know what I mean. Again thanks for the responses. Will post more when I do it.