Just cant get a dvd to burn properly! : (

Hi we are trying to figure out how to finally get this burning thing to work.

We understand you need to have Vob. and Bup. and etc. files in order to use Nero 5.5 successfully to burn dvds.

Whats not mentioned is how we do that?

I mean do we have to convert avi’s and then author them? Or can we just author a avi and it be done that way??

It’s all very confusing. I just want to burn a dvd on Nero and have it work is all.

Basicly we have some avi files and would really really like to get this burner working. We’ve been trying forever and have no stand along soultion that will work.

Please help.

And thank you very much. :slight_smile:

check out the divx to dvdr guide here.