Just cant figure this out

I have a dvd movie Meet the Fockers and have watched it three times with very good sound and to nite I was going to watch again and there is no sound what could cause this I cleaned it and everything and still no sound I am very puzzled

Are your speakers plugged In ???
Is the sound turned up ???

Yes I have tryed in every dvd player i have and no sound

Maybe wrong audiostream were chosen, or wrong output (check the player setup)…

Its very hard to say what the problem is when you dont say what your playing it on. But what hapens when you put another disk in?

I dont really know how to check the player or anything but I did take the dvd over to my daughters house and it didnt have sound on hers eather so what I am asking is does anybody know what would cause a dvd to have sound and a week later no sound the dvd has been taken very good care of in a case

Some DVD’s have two sound tracks a 5.1 for home cinema systems and a 2.1 for your standard dvd player sounds like one of the sound tracks is missing try changing the settings on your player.

Is this the original DVD or a backup? I had that problem with a backup when I checked the wrong boxes in Shrink!
Original, it has to be a set up problem in the DVD audio menu!
Do other DVDs play fine?