Just burned my first DVD!


After reading up articles for a week, finally I have burned my first dvd+rw last night…

Burner: LG GSA 4163B
Firmware: A103 RPC1 by the dangerous brothers
Burning software: Nero Ultra Edition v6.6.0.8a (latest as of now)
Media: Verbatim 4x DVD+RW
Media code: MKM A02
Burn speed: 4x

The burn with nero seems a be a success, and I have done a read test with nero dvd speed… The nero dvd speed test result is a smooth read curve.

However, I am experiencing something weird… I have burned some animes (AVI format) on the disc. Whenever I tried to play those animes (I added the animes to a windows media player (WMP) 10 playlist and play from there), the first file in the playlist always plays instantly, but clicking on other entries in the playlist will cause WMP to say that some needed codecs are missing. I have to click on the same entry again, and this time, the file will be played.

I am sure that I have all the needed codecs installed and running, as I have tried playing the same set of anime from my burn folder, and WMP never complains.

The burned copy and the hard disk copy are the same… I have done a file compare on them.

Does anyone have any idea on why am I having this problem?

p/s: I wanted to upload the nero dvd screenie, but the upload progress bar is not moving … why?? And no, i dont have any link-able webspace at the moment.