Just burned a Verbatim disc at 12x...Quality: 5

I’m horrified, because these discs are supposed to be some of the best. I know about the different versions, such as CMC and Prodisc, but come on…

I burned this using ImgBurn.

What the heck?

Who trusts Pioneer for scanning, anyway.

Especially at Maximum ;)…not sure what speed you’d use with a Pioneer?!

It has scored a 5 because of the isolated pif spikes which are unlikely to affect playback. My guess is that that disc will play happily and without glitches for many many years (which is the only test that really matters anyway ;)).

So if the scan process involves so many variables, how do they help at all? How would you really figure out, say, what the best speed is to burn at on a Pioneer, when they all apparently suck for scanning purposes?

I guess, for now, I’ll just have to trust that these Verbatims are better than the Sony AccuCOREs that I’ve been using.

By the way, I can’t seem to figure out whether these Verbatims are Prodisc or CMC…supposedly, if it is CMC, there should be a rectangle above the triangle with the 5 in the center and PP under it, and I don’t have one, which would imply Prodisc…but Prodisc supposedly has + or - in the serial, which I don’t have.

they’re neither. the media code is right in your scan! they’re MCC004s.

normally very good discs…

scan at 4x or 8x to get a more accurate pic (not saying it’s going to be accurate at all, but at least more so than scanning at MAX)

Read the thread on interpreting scans isolated spikes are nothing to worry about. Unless the drive is a BenQ or one of the 5s or 6s Lite-Ons then the scanning speed standard is 4x.

What good are scans, well they give people an idea what sort of results they may get with a given media on a given drive with a given firmware. They also help keep a track of degredation of discs over time, and when there is a big difference between scans (including TRT which you didn’t post) that it might be a good idea to re-burn the contents of the disc.

Have to agree with JayC30 and tehGrue, Pioneer is just not a reliable drive for scanning.
Does anybody know at what speed these drive (should) scan?

Megalith, just perform a transfer rate test at highest possible speed and go on from there. Probably nothing wrong with that burn/media.

Well, here’s the TRT:

Is this…good?

Also, the ScanDisc test reported 100% quality with no bad sectors…but I take it that any kind of scan is unreliable with a Pioneer.

Re-do the disc quality scan at 4x and see if there is an improvement. If it is a movie back up remember one thing your DVD player only reads the disc at 1x.

The scans aren’t 100% perfect on any drive, some just tend to be more reliable than others and even then there can be other factors influencing the resuls. For example BenQs don’t particularly like disc burnt on another drive where scanning is concerned. They are just used to get an idea of how things are not to get a definative “this is a good/bad” disc.

Therefore as phil said, and a paraphrase, the only true test of coasterdom is if the disc is readable or not.

Nero only seems to allow Maximum and 8x settings for the Disc Quality scan.

It will scan at approx. 4x whatever you select in Nero here.

I think the burn were fine and you can forget about those spikes.